The Pope appears to be waging his own jihad.


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At a time when Christianity worldwide is under siege by Islamic jihadists, the leader of the Catholic Church claims that the quran teaches non-violence. As Christians across the Muslim world live in abject terror and fear kidnapping, rape and slaughter to the bloodcurdling cries of “Allahu akbar,” the pope gives papal sanction to the savage.

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“Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence”

November 30, 2014, By Robert Spencer

The key question here is, Who is responsible for equating Islam with violence? Islamic jihadists, or non-Muslim “Islamophobes”? Islamic supremacist groups in the West, backed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), constantly pretend that the latter are responsible, when the whole world knows it’s the former.

“Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence,” by Philip Pullella, Reuters, November 30, 2014:

Pope Francis said on Sunday that equating Islam with violence was wrong and called on Muslim leaders to issue a global condemnation of terrorism to help dispel the stereotype.

There are plenty of Muslim condemnations of terrorism now. What we do not see is Muslim action against terrorism, or Muslims teaching against the view of Islam espoused by the terrorists.

Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, told reporters aboard his plane returning from a visit to Turkey that he understood why Muslims were offended by many in the West who automatically equated their religion with terrorism.

Again, who is responsible for this equation? Non-Muslims who keep up with the jihad news, or the Muslims who make that news?

Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, caused storms of protest throughout the Islamic world in 2006, when he made a speech that suggested to many Muslims that he believed Islam espoused violence.

Benedict said he had been misunderstood and apologized. But this year, the image of a violent religion has once more been promoted by Islamic State, who have seized swathes of Syria and Iraq, slaughtering or driving out Shi’ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their radical brand of Sunni Islam.

The Argentine pope, who has been trying to foster cooperation with moderate Islam in order to work for peace and protect Christians in the Middle East, said it was wrong for anyone to react to terrorism by being “enraged” against Islam.

Indeed. Becoming “enraged” is pointless. Become aware, and taking action to defend freedom and human rights — that is what is needed.

“You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are fundamentalists. We have our share of them (fundamentalists). All religions have these little groups,” he said.

Do they really? Where, then, are the Christians screaming “Jesus is Lord” as they slit the throats of non-Christians? Where are the Christian or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist counterparts to those who committed the 20,000+ jihad terror attacks worldwide since 9/11?

And who is saying that all Muslims are fundamentalists or terrorists? This is just a straw man.

“They (Muslims) say: ‘No, we are not this, the Koran is a book of peace, it is a prophetic book of peace’.”

The Qur’an has a specific content. It can be read. Mainstream Islamic commentaries on it can also be read. None of this supports the idea that the Qur’an is a book of peace. Has the Pope read it?

Francis said he had made the suggestion of a global condemnation of terrorism by Islamic leaders in talks on Friday with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

“I told the president that it would be beautiful if all Islamic leaders, whether they are political, religious or academic leaders, would speak out clearly and condemn this because this would help the majority of Muslim people,” he said.

Francis several times condemned Islamic State’s insurgents during his three-day trip. On the plane, he said some Christians had been forced to abandon everything: “They are driving us out of the Middle East.”

In an address at a Mass on Sunday, he said Islamic State were committing a “profoundly grave sin against God” and called for inter-religious dialogue and action against poverty to help end the conflicts in the region.

He added that ending poverty was crucial, partly because it gave rise to “the recruitment of terrorists”. Francis has in the past said that, while it is lawful for the international community to use force to stop an “unjust aggressor”, lasting solutions must be found that tackle the root causes of violence.

Study after study has shown that poverty doesn’t cause terrorism, and that jihadis are generally wealthier and better educated than their peers. CNS News noted in September 2013 that “according to a Rand Corporation report on counterterrorism, prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense in 2009, ‘Terrorists are not particularly impoverished, uneducated, or afflicted by mental disease. Demographically, their most important characteristic is normalcy (within their environment). Terrorist leaders actually tend to come from relatively privileged backgrounds.’ One of the authors of the RAND report, Darcy Noricks, also found that according to a number of academic studies, ‘Terrorists turn out to be more rather than less educated than the general population.’”

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.