After Target Lowers Sales Forecast, Shares PlummetRemember those days when peaceful protesters would stake out a place on a sidewalk and hold signs while yelling at passing motorists?

Responsible protesters might even be happy to acquire the required permits in advance of their activities, though the constitutionality of that is certainly questionable.

Those days are gone.

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Ferguson protesters prefer a more personal approach which might include getting in the face of an innocent Christmas shopper and following that shopper, and her daughter, through the store.

These are scenes from Sunday Night at a St. Louis area Target.

Evidently the woman needed the assistance of local police to leave the store.

This is a growing problem. Could the store management not force these people to leave? Isn’t that the sort of thing they are paid to do? What about the officers that were present?

Is there no such thing as “disturbing the peace” anymore? Or possibly something similar?

These people were obviously a nuisance and things should have never escalated to this point.

How would you feel if a group of thugs was allowed to run aimlessly through your retail establishment and harass your customers?

That can’t be good for business.

This is not about protesting the death of Michael Brown.

This is about thugs finding an excuse to be thugs.

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We make a lot of excuses for Ferguson protesters, and obviously they are not all like this, but these people are certainly causing their share of problems without rioting, burning, or looting.

They are nothing but bullies looking to draw innocent and peaceful holiday shoppers into a fight. The shoppers are not asking for any of this.

Thank God there were police present. Maybe next time they can nip the problem in the bud and tell these “peaceful protesters” to get the hell off of private property and stop disrupting business.

The purchases that woman was making, or planned to make, would naturally provide jobs and revenue that can then go toward paying for the food stamps and welfare benefits of these “less fortunate” scumbags.

Americans need to stop making excuses for these thugs. It is one thing to take advantage of your first amendment right to express your opinion constructively, but…

It is quite another issue to infringe on the rights of others by intimidating and stalking them.

h/t Jim Hoft via Infowars