Let me make one basic assumption: It takes two Tango.

As a combat veteran, it is my contention that my opinion is supported by history. In Vietnam, we experienced what were called “Chiêu His”: basically, individuals who were pretty much tired of their side of the war and were offered a better lot in life by coming to our side. No matter how many individuals chose to do so, it never impacted the ebb and flow of the war. That is not the nature of war.

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War, by definition, is a conflict whereby one nation is pitted against another.

For the purposes of this discussion, forget about geographic boundaries drawn on a map. In olden times, the definition of a “nation” might translate into a “tribe,” as in “The Cherokee Nation,” “The Apache Nation,” and many scores of other independent “nations.” These were groups of people with a shared heritage, a shared culture, a common language, and a religion bound together for mutual support and defense; not unlike what this once greatest nation in the world of ours was at one time.

A government goes to war:

To Reclaim certain rights or to defend them
To protect and maintain the great interests of the state, as commerce, manufactures, or agriculture
To uphold neighboring states whose existence is necessary either for the safety of the government or balance of power
To fulfill the obligations of offensive and defensive alliances
To propagate political or religious theories
To crush out or to defend religious theories

To increase influence and power of the state by acquisitions of territory
To defend the threatened independence of the state
To avenge insulted honor
From a mania for conquest

-Sun Tzu

It is going to be difficult for some folks to wrap their mind around the subject of “Obama’s War” because that narcissistic, self-anointed demigod has never taken responsibility for anything. And, sadly, the massively uniformed voting public hangs on his every word in blind and willing adoration, despite constant contradiction from real world events; true disciples of a false god.

History is written by the victors. – Winston Churchill

Children of my era were taught American history without the political spin that is taught today. The liberals are rewriting our history to support their vision of the future. Our children are being taught a revised history that teaches them to be ashamed of our country and our past without the slightest acknowledgement to the fact that all this nation once was resulted by freeing the human spirit without the cruel heel of government bearing down on the throats of those brave souls who dared to try, who dared to risk all, dared to fail, and dared to succeed.

The Obama Regime is quick to spin a tale in order to isolate themselves from everything that happens, and although their efforts are, at times, absolutely ludicrous, their ultimate fallback is to put blame on the Bush administrations.

So let’s look at some facts as to how and why the current disaster in the making is “Obama’s War.”

Obama’s reign of terror began with his election in 2008.

Obama’s War began on June 12, 2009 with the launching of what western media called The Persian Awakening.

Most Americans chose to ignore this most pivotal event, perhaps because of bad memories of what transpired in 1979 when then President Jimmy Carter “threw the Shah of Iran under the bus.” I was in Tehran for two years prior to that shameful piece of our history, working for the Shah’s brother, and left the day the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran. I was in the airport and witnessed the Ayatollah’s arrival.

So how did The Persian Awakening make the pending world disaster “Obama’s War”?

To fully answer that question, the reader must understand a bit of push and pull nature of Iranian history.

The Shah of Iran was literally seated on The Peacock Throne via an American backed coup-DE-tat in 1953. The period of 1960-1963 was known as “The White Revolution” under Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. It was during this period that the Shah was able to drag his nation into the twentieth century. He created a middle class where none had ever existed, enabled universal education for all citizens, enabled land ownership for the newly created middle class, and created a social welfare network that centered around full employment. Iran was at its peak under the Shah. Its people prospered, their future was bright, and America had a strong ally in that perpetual battlefield we call The Middle East.

The Persian Awakening was the launch point, the “Pearl Harbor” if you will, for Obama’s War Against America.

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Ask yourself this: What single factor determines “The Winner” of any war in the history of mankind?

Answer (In a word): Logistics.

And as a subtitle to that answer is “Money,”

Anybody who studies the conduct of wars understands these simple truths.

Napoleon ruled Europe until he misjudged the depth of the Russian front and his army was decimated because of a lack of supplies; i.e. food, clothing, and instruments of war.

When America was drawn into World War II there was an abundance of generals willing to launch the counter attack but a lowly lieutenant colonel by the name of Dwight Eisenhower was chosen to manage the effort because of his well-earned reputation as a logistics genius. Eisenhower amassed the largest strike force in history within sight of the enemy, thereby shortening the supply lines to fight the war.

Obama knew that if America were to back the freedom-loving people of Iran, who were struggling to throw off the yoke of Muslim fundamentalists, he would be acting in contradiction of his stated goal to “fundamentally change America.”

Instead, he openly provided political and financial support to his greatest ally, The Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization and whose members are reputed to be in key positions in the Obama Regime.

Obama recognizes that he must move his army closer to “The Enemy” (American Patriots) in order to minimize his logistics issues. So, while we fret over our southern border, the Obama Regime imports thousands – some say tens of thousands – of fundamentalist Muslims into a wide geography of American cities and provides them with all their needs with Taxpayer Dollars.

Independence for the American Colonies was not achieved because of our superior military forces. The simple truth is that England ran out of money. They could no longer afford to fight a distant war because of the cost of logistics in terms of both money and time.

The same can be said of the French withdrawal of then French Indochina because they could not afford to support supply lines that ran from Paris to half way around the world to Saigon.

So the Obama Regime has attacked America on the logistics issue by importing Muslim fundamentalists and augmenting that core force with the help of Race-Baiting-Hate-Mongers like (the alleged reverend) Al Sharpton to further divide and weaken a cohesive resistance to his assaults.

And his “coupe-de-gras,” the death blow to America, is his relentless assault on the American economy. By placing leftist supporters in key positions, We The People are assaulted with thousands of new regulations designed to crush our coal industry, to kill jobs like the Keystone Pipeline, to confiscate our lands via the BLM Gestapo, to eviscerate our military command staff thereby eliminating the rise of our military against an illegal regime, and to explode the scope of the socialist “entitlements” in order to bankrupt the country.

Obama is winning his war against America thanks to We The People who so willing fall in line with his efforts.

What is that you say?

You say that you are fighting against the Obama Regime and the leftist agenda?

I beg to differ.

England was a significantly less imposing force against our fledgling nation.

Nazi Germany was a significantly less imposing force against our rising nation.

The USSR at its peak was a significantly less imposing force against our robust nation.

And just how is it that We The People were able to defeat these great enemies?

The simple answer is one word: WE.

When WE The People of this once great nation come together as unhyphenated Americans, there is no force on the face of this earth that we cannot or have not defeated.

Instead of behaving like a unified fighting force, the conservative power structure behaves like an army of blind ninja warriors with long swords locked in a broom closet.

We the people must come together as equal members of one nation, without rancor, or we will inevitably find ourselves on bended knee at the foot of the throne in what was once known as “The People’s House.” The bickering and back-biting and continued conflicts in the conservative community is The Fifth Column of the Obama Regime’s War on America.

“Forged in a fire long ago, stand with me and you will never stand alone.”
The Warrior Song

Darwin Rockantansky completed two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to buy a beer. He’s the son of a Korean War and Vietnam veteran. Darwin has also worked for the following: the Shah of Iran, then prince / now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, SHAPE / NATO, Bush One, Reagan Two, Hollywood movie studios and an entrepreneur who started and operated his own software company for a couple of decades. Darwin is also an American Patriot and writes at Red Ink Flowing.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.