Locals flood Sheriff’s Department with complaints after “prepare for action” warning sent to cellphones

Kentucky Residents Complain of Low Flying Military Choppers During Government 'Alert'

Kentucky residents flooded the Laurel Co. Sheriff Department’s Facebook page with complaints about low flying military helicopters which coincided with a government “emergency alert” sent to thousands of people’s cellphones yesterday.

As we reported, the FCC emergency alert which warned residents in the Corbin and London areas of Southern Kentucky to “prepare for action,” was sent as a result of “human error,” according to Frankfort Emergency Operations spokesman Buddy Rogers.

However, over a hundred respondents flooded the comments of a Sheriff Department’s Facebook post, many of whom reported seeing military helicopters performing low-flying maneuvers immediately after the alert was sent out.

Residents also contacted Infowars, with one writing, “I’m a London Kentucky resident who received this horrible message today along with all of my friends and family. The most un-nerving part of it all was all of the Black Hawk Helicopters in our skies at the same time… This was NO ACCIDENT!!!”

The reader went on to state that locals watched the helicopters “take off from our tiny airport out of nowhere”.

Another reader sent us a picture of four military helicopters which he snapped near his home during the alert.

Comments made by residents on the Facebook page attested to how frightened people were by both the alarming nature of the alert message and the sound of low flying military choppers rattling their roofs.

“What was the deal with the low flying Chinook that rattled my roof shortly before the test msg,” asked Casey Woods.

“6 black helicopters above our house this morning shook the whole house!! Then this..scary!” stated Leila Hughes.

“Black hawks everywhere…something isn’t right.. or is it just a parade?” questioned Kyndra Mink.

“If it was just a test then how come 6 army helicopters was flying in formation over Clay Co just moments after the text was sent out?” asked Angie Gibson.

The fact that the helicopters left London airport immediately after the alert message was sent out led some to fear that a terrorist attack or other major event had taken place, while others expressed the view that the whole sequence of events was a test run for martial law.

“I don’t care what they say, that wasn’t a test, it was a warning….there’s a few other comments from people that know what I’m talking about,” stated Vince Bowling.

“Maybe they just want us to think it’s a test,” said Angel Norton.

Another theory making the rounds was that the initial text message was sent out to the wrong group and that it was initially only meant for government employees and emergency responders.

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As we previously highlighted, similar emergency alert messages have also prompted confusion and panic, including in New Jersey after Verizon customers received text messages warning them that a “civil emergency” was in progress and to “take shelter,” prompting alarmed citizens to flood 911 lines with anxious calls.

Back in October, television viewers in numerous states were interrupted by an alert directly from the White House which warned them to stand by for an emergency message and not to use their phones.

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