Despite Progress, Government Shutdown Enters 11th Day

While the House republicans cower in fear, three conservative senators refuse to be cowed by the tyranny emanating from the White House.  They are trying to force two votes which Harry Reid is doing his best to prevent.  Four senators who voted for amnesty were defeated in November and Reid is trying to prevent them from having targets fastened to their backs in 2016.

Reid tried to fast track the vote on the budget passed by the House, but Senator Lee asked for a vote that would not be binding but would force senators to make public which side of the issue they were on.  This could hurt liberals and RINOs like McCain and Flake of Arizona.  Especially McCain coming from an anti-illegal alien state like Arizona since he is up for reelection in 2016.  He is already believed to be in trouble should a conservative enter the race against him.

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Reid decided it was better to wait until Monday to vote on the budget rather than have the truth about the liberals revealed.  At a time when so many Americans are unable to find work and companies are using part time labor to avoid Obamacare costs, it might not be the best time to suddenly add five million illegal aliens with the ability to take possible jobs away from them.  The average voter may not be very educated on the nuances of the economy, but they do understand having their jobs stolen by illegal aliens.  Lee offered to allow the budget vote to continue if Reid allowed the vote on amnesty.  Reid turned him down.

Cruz is trying to force the vote using parliamentary procedures and that vote could take place on Sunday if he’s successful.  It would require senators to say whether they approve of executive amnesty or not.  With at least three current democratic senators who are seen as vulnerable in 2016 would have to make their choice public and it could be used to hurt their reelection to the senate.  I suspect democratic senators don’t want to become martyrs for Harry Reid or Barack Insane Obama.

An amendment has also been offered to the budget bill that would strip funding for Obama’s amnesty.  It is doubtful Reid will allow the amendment to be considered.

It’s good to know we have at least three members of congress keeping their promise to the voters.  The House should make Cruz the Speaker of the House.  (Did you know the Speaker does not have to be a member of the House or even a member of congress?)

Courtesy of Red Statements.