The National Enquirer has broken a story about Barack Obama maintaining a love nest near the White House at the famous Jefferson Hotel.  At this time the story cannot be confirmed.  Most media won’t even try.  However, I would like to point out that the NE has gotten major cheating scandals right before.  They broke the John Edwards love child story and found the killer of Bill Cosby’s son Ennis.  They also caught Gary Hart and destroyed his chances to become president.

According to the NE, Michelle confronted Barack in early December and their “sources” say that she was furious and the discussion got very loud and rowdy.  There have long been rumors that Michelle and Barack were on the cusp of divorce and one publication allegedly produced a document showing that Michelle had actually filed for divorce and dropped it.

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I take all these reports with a grain of salt.  And since it involves Obama we cannot expect the press to follow up on the information the NE claims they have received from paid sources.  On the other hand, so often these stories do come from obscure sources.  Besides the two I named from the NE, we also learned about the Monica Lewinski story from an obscure source known today as the Drudge Report.  I am in no way endorsing the story one way or another but neither am I dismissing it entirely.

The NE says that hotel personnel have told them that Obama uses a secret entrance to get into the room and employees call it the Barack Entrance and refer to him as the Commander in Cheat:

“It’s easy for the president to get to and best of all, it has a secret entrance so he can come and go discreetly.”

Who knows?  Maybe Obama will achieve Bill Clinton status.  Egotistical men are often the most likely to cheat because they think every woman wants them.

Courtesy of Red Statements.