Choppers rattle windows, drown out sound of TVs

Black Helicopters Descend on Dallas For Special Forces Drill

Alarmed residents who reported low-flying black helicopters with their lights turned off buzzing downtown Dallas Sunday night were witnessing U.S. Special Forces drills intended to allow troops to get a feel for “realistic urban sites”.

“Twitter users reported seeing blacked-out helicopters flying in low, close formations with no lights,” reported NBC-DFW. Infowars readers also contacted us to say they had witnessed the choppers.

The maneuvers were part of preparedness training for U.S. Special Operations Forces, exercises which will continue for the next two weeks, Dallas police confirmed, adding that the exact locations of the drills would not be disclosed.

“If any members of the public learn of the training locations, we ask the public to remain clear of these areas while training is conducted,” according to a press release.

Twitter users in Dallas responded to the exercises by commenting on the “unnerving” presence of blacked out helicopters that shook windows and drowned out the sound of televisions.

Military exercises in major U.S. cities are becoming an increasingly common sight, prompting concern that Americans are being conditioned to accept a martial law-style environment.

A two week exercise that is set to end today also saw the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit of the U.S. Marines conduct exercises in LA. “As a result, Los Angeles residents are getting to see frequent movements of choppers and many of them flying over their roof tops,” reported the International Business Times.

Blacked out helicopters also buzzed Kentucky and Cincinnati residents back in May as part of an unannounced military drill, with one eyewitness telling Infowars the maneuvers resembled something out of a “war zone”.

“The Army said it had coordinated the exercise with appropriate leaders,” reported 700WLW News, although there was no indication that citizens were told in advance of the drill. The purpose of the exercises was also withheld. The Army also claimed that, “the safety of the personnel and the public was maintained,” despite the fact that the choppers’ lights were turned off.

Back in March, we reported on Department of Defense exercises in Broward County during which low flying military helicopters landed on city buildings in Fort Lauderdale. According to a local reporter, the drills were centered around, “scaring the crap out of people”.

The fact that black helicopters are now being used on an almost monthly basis in urban warfare drills across the country is particularly ironic given the fact that the term has been used as a pejorative for decades by the media to denigrate concerned citizens as paranoid conspiracy theorists.

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