Would you believe that racist cracker b$%^h asked me to hand her a can of prune juice from the top shelf?

A woman called into the Glenn Beck Show on Thursday, claiming to be the sister of the woman who asked for help.  She tells the story differently.  In fact, Michelle told the story differently before she saw it as an opportunity to claim racism.  She said that her sister who is a huge fan of Barack Obama and voted for him twice, did not know it was Michelle Obama she asked for help.  She found out as she was watching TV in bed with her husband when she saw Obama on the David Letterman show.  Obama told Letterman at the time that the woman didn’t recognize her and saw her only as someone who could help.  That’s a lot different than the story she gave People Magazine.

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Beck’s program tried calling the sister several times but did not get an answer.  They were hoping to get her confirmation on the story.  The sister only identified herself as “Donna” and says her sister voted for Obama twice and her husband works at MSNBC a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee.

Now, I am beginning to wonder if at sometime I may have been the victim of a hate crime in a grocery or department store.  Being tall, I have often been asked to help with something on the taller shelves.  I may have been racially profiled without knowing it.  It’s quite possible that someone black, Hispanic or even gay asked me for help, making me the subject of a hate crime.  The truth is I have never noticed the race of someone asking for help. I just do it.  Wouldn’t you have to be more than a little racist to keep track of those things?  Just sayin’.

Whether this caller was real or not is not important.  What is important is that Obama changed the story to make herself a victim. (A victim who takes mega million dollar vacations on your dime)

Courtesy of Red Statements.