Obviously as a reward for committing theft of classified documents for the democrats, Barack Obama has named Alissa Starzak to the legal department at the Pentagon.  It’s a position she has not achieved on her own and is a large promotion over her previous jobs.  But why put someone with a history of stealing classified secrets to a job where she could steal the country’s most guarded secrets?  It’s a reward.

Republicans in both houses of congress have accused her of making copies of documents and carrying them out of the Pentagon for use by Dianne Feinstein and her committee putting together her dishonest report on CIA enhanced interrogation.  On the day the documents were copied and carried away, only Starzak and Dan Jones, a low ranking member of the committee, had access.

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Both Jones and Starzak worked for Feinstein on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). The CIA agreed on terms of how the SSCI could examine documents but were not allowed to remove them or make copies.  The CIA later noticed that a highly classified report, The Panetta Review, which studied the techniques used by the CIA in their enhanced interrogations, had been copied and the copies could not be located.  Republicans who will be the majority starting in January have said:

“Committee majority staff knowingly removed the Panetta Internal Review, a highly classified, privileged CIA document, from a CIA facility without authorization and in clear violation of the existing agreed-upon procedures by the Committee and the CIA.” 

The fortunate thing is the democratic senate did not have time to confirm Starzak and her nomination time ran out.  Obama would have to renominate her for the position and a republican senate would have to confirm her.  On the other hand, the cowardly establishment republicans could confirm her because they are deathly afraid the other liberals would call them a nasty name.

Courtesy of Red Statements.