Far left: Brezler Far Right: Jan

Marine Greg Buckley was hanging out with some of his Marine buddies when a gunman carrying an AK-47 walked in and began firing.  Buckley died after suffering four wounds to the chest and one to the neck.  What is troubling is that Buckley and his buddies were in the gym at a secured base in Afghanistan, one of the most secure locations in the country.  What makes the tragedy worse is that Buckley was just three days from coming home to the United States.  Two other Marines were killed in the attack.

The shooter is what is known there as a tea boy, the name given to male sex slaves.  For three murders, he was sentenced to only seven years.  But now, Buckley’s parents have gotten tired of the Pentagon stonewalling them and preventing them from finding out what happened to their son and why.  The Pentagon has gone as far as directly violating federal law in preventing the Buckleys from getting answers.

That’s why Buckley’s parents have filed a law suit against the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense.  They are not asking for a dime, just answers.  Why are there tea boys on this secured base?  It seems that the US is allowing a shady police chief by the name of Sarwar Jan to live on the base.  Jan has been involved in providing drugs, uniforms and weapons to the Taliban.  He’s the one who brought the “tea boys” onto the base.

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For the Marines to allow such a man onto a secured base seems like a bad decision even before this incident occurred, but after the fact, it appears to be ludicrous.  Who are they covering up for?  Who gave Jan permission to live on the base and who turned a blind eye to Jan bringing young male prostitutes onto the base?  These are the questions the Buckleys want answered.  As a matter of fact, so do I.

There is another thing in play here.  Just days before the shooting spree, Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps reservist and New York City firefighter, warned the Marines that Jan was a security risk.  Did they follow up on his accusations?  You bet they did.  They brought charges against Brezler and his career is in jeopardy.  That’s because he sent the warning from his Yahoo account and not a secured account.

Kevin Carroll, whose firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan is representing Brezler pro bono told reporters that:

“Brezler’s immediate chain-of-command here in the U.S. did not recommend punitive action, and the Marine command in Afghanistan called for the relevant document in Brezler’s case to be declassified, because there is no information in the document which, if released, would damage national security.”

This just adds to my suspicions that this cover up is meant to protect whoever is responsible for Jan being on the base.

Courtesy of Red Statements.