You’ll be shocked at the stupidity of these tweets.

Some People Actually Think the Earth is 2015 Years Old
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Hundreds of Twitter users celebrated the beginning of the New Year by expressing their amazement at the notion that the Earth was 2015 years old.

Yes, that’s right, God knows how many young people (many of them Americans) actually believe that the planet we live on has only been in existence for 2015 years.

Without getting too in-depth about the state of the global education system, people all over the world are getting dumber. Studies show that IQs continue to gradually drop, with westerners having lost 14 IQ points over the last 200 years.

SAT scores in the United States have also fallen significantly in recent years, with overall scores dropping 20 points between 2006 and 2012.

Check out some of the questions that eighth grade students were expected to be able to answer back in 1912, and compare them to the intelligence exhibited by today’s Twitter generation.

Yes, a few of these tweets are undoubtedly trolls and pranksters, but many of them genuinely think the Earth is only 2015 years old.

According to the best evidence obtained from radiometric age dating of meteorite material, the Earth is actually around 4.54 billion years old, which is a coincidence given that the IQ of each of these tweeters is also probably in the 4-5 region.

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One girl went further, claiming that America itself was only 2015 years old (Columbus discovered what we now call America in 1492).

The only thing to be thankful for is the fact that almost an equal number of people expressed their incredulity at the trend.  

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