mystery man in hoodieThere is a very active cop hating movement in Wisconsin, which uses money contributed to their organization, Wisconsin Jobs Now (WJN).  Now, it may seem odd that a group dedicated to jobs is funding cop haters.  But that is only half of it.  The small half.  WJN is funded by the National Education Association. (NEA)  In fact, this year WJN took in a total of $125,000.  The NEA contributed exactly $125,000.  That means the NEA is funding cop hater rallies all over Wisconsin at 100%.

The protests are the result of a white cop who killed an unarmed black man.  The policeman, Christopher Manney found Dontre Hamilton on a park bench.  The two tussled around a bit and then the officer shot him a large number of times.  Hamilton had a history of mental illness and Manney was never charged with a crime, but was fired nonetheless.

Still, I found it very interesting that the NEA would be bankrolling the effort.  I could be wrong, but unless I miss my guess, the next time teachers go on strike, there is going to be a large number of arrests.  WJN normally get support from the SEIU but they didn’t report a contribution this year.

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The protesters have been using lawbreaking tactics such as a die in and blocking traffic on the freeway.

I’m waiting for someone to notice something very important.  What do all these shootings have in common?  What is the one thing they all have in common?  I’ll give you a hint.  Ferguson, Mo, New York City, Los Angeles, Berkley, MO and Milwaukee, WI.   They all took place in cities run strictly by democrats.  Liberals are trying to make this a good old boy modern day lynching of blacks by conservative rednecks.  But all of them occurred in liberal cities.

Someone wise should think of that.

Courtesy of Red Statements.