Boko Haram attacked a city, Baga, near the border with Chad, firing rocket propelled grenades and firing automatic weapons.  Most of those killed were women, children and old people who could not run fast enough to flee the city.  Amnesty International says the number of dead could be over 2,000.  Getting medical care into Baga is difficult and witnesses say that many of the wounded have died due to lack of treatment.

Boko Haram is an ultra radical Islamist terrorist organization that kill as a way of honoring the prophet Mohammad.  They usually focus on schools and are responsible for thousands of deaths in just the past few years and have a penchant for kidnapping young girls to become their sex slaves.

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Earlier this month, Boko Haram captured a military base near Baga.  One source who was at the village said that there were too many bodies to count.  This is just another outrage in a series of outrages committed by radical Islamists around the globe.  Security forces were dispatched to Baga quickly and they launched attacks against Boko Haram targets but there is no word if they inflicted any real damage.

Boko Haram’s previous largest killing spree was last March, when they murdered over 600 people in the town of Maiduguri .  The attacked a military barracks there.  In the past year alone, Boko Haram has murdered over 10,000 people.  This is one of the groups that Hillary told us we need to understand and empathize with.  I understand them all right.  But you will pay hell trying to get me to have any empathy for them.

At some point, the nations of the world who aren’t ruled by terrorist sympathizers like the United States and Germany will band together and wipe out these radical Islamists and anyone providing them with aid and comfort, like Obama.

I’ll bet he won’t admit this was a terrorist attack perpetrated by Islamic terrorists.

Courtesy of Red Statements.