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Sheriff Joe Arpaio has invited Rev Al Sharpton to come out to Arizona for a visit.  The two men met a few years ago when Sharpton was out there protesting the policies of Arpaio’s.  Recently, Joe made the same invitation to Rev Jarrett Maupin.  Rev Maupin accepted the invitation, which was to take the “Use of Force” test.  In Rev Maupin’s three scenarios, he captured the perp once, was shot and killed by the perp once and then he shot an unarmed perp within 15 seconds of the confrontation.

You have to respect a man like Rev Maupin.  Here is a man with strong convictions who took the test and was honest with himself and with others.  He found out what it was like to face a split second decision and see how it could affect a policeman’s judgement.  He now acknowledges the importance of compliance.  That should always defuse the possibility of violence and an unfortunate death or a justified shooting.

Does anyone believe that Al Sharpton will take Joe up on his challenge?  If you are gullible enough to believe he will, I have some land in Florida I’d love to sell you.  It’s surrounded by water…..on all six sides.  I can let it go really cheap.  Snorkels included.

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The “Use of Force” test is very simple.  You get different scenarios and you are judged by how you deal with them.  The first thing you learn is that there is a heavy price to be paid if you hesitate to take charge.  You “die.”  But out on the street you don’t get the second and third chances you get in training.  One and done.

It takes a man of character to agree to take the test with an open mind.  A man with honor.  Rev Maupin has it.  Rev Al is left wanting.

Courtesy of Red Statements.