Trey Gowdy got up on the floor of the House on Thursday and delivered a speech on the massive Obama overreach and use of Executive Orders.  Gowdy pointed out that the debate shouldn’t be about Republicans versus Democrats or even about immigration.  He said that the constitution says that congress makes the laws and the president signs off on it.  Nowhere does the constitution give the president to rule by decree.  At that point, the chamber erupted into applause by members of both parties.

Perhaps they are mindful of what is happening in the Senate.  Harry Reid enacted a nuclear option and changed the Senate rules that forbid filibusters on key appointments.  After Republicans took control, the Democrats have furiously tried to get Republicans to roll back that change.  They now realize that although they benefited in the short term, the day has come that the worm has turned.  In 2016, when a Republican is elected as president, he can name anyone to his cabinet or to the Supreme Court and Democrats can’t filibuster it, requiring 60 votes to move the nomination on.

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The same goes for the president.  What if a Republican president started writing Executive orders to cut taxes, end abortion and to cut off Democratic donors from the public trough.  He could unilaterally cut spending or make the entire country “Right to Work.”  What goes around, comes around.

Here are some of Gowdy’s comments:

“Madam speaker, President Obama announced one of the largest, extra-constitutional power grabs ever by a chief executive. He declared, unilaterally, that almost five million undocumented aliens will receive deferred action under some newfangled definition of prosecutorial discretion.  Not only escaping consequences, he has decided to bestow benefits, such as work authorization and immigration benefits.”

“This, Madam Speaker, despite the fact that the very same president, over twenty different times, said he lacked the power to do what he just did. And he repeatedly said he is not a king. Now, Madam Speaker, his position may have changed — after the election I hasten to add — but the Constitution has not.”

“This is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats. It’s not even a fight over immigration reform. This is a fight over whether this branch of government will ever find the courage to stand up for itself.”

It was then that the applause broke out.  Here is the video of Gowdy’s speech:

Courtesy of Red Statements.