"Don't you know that cell phones, WIFI and Smart Meters lead to infertility and causes cancer"?
“Don’t you know that cell phones, WIFI and Smart Meters lead to infertility and causes cancer”?

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
Ted Turner, CNN founder and UN supporter

The United States is in extreme decline with regard to its birth rate which declined by 310,000 births last year.  If it were not for 35 million immigrants, this fact would be undeniable to the general public. Simultaneously, the death rate due to cancer is skyrocketing. These two events are related and represent what is being done to the American public. Whether these attacks are deliberate is irrelevant. It is happening. However, after reading the scientific evidence contained in this article, it is difficult to conclude that this holocaust is merely the product of ignorance or corporate greed.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a class 2 carcinogen.

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Everyone knows that cell phones, WIFI and Smart Meters are safe. Everyone knows that anyone who believes otherwise should wear a tin foil hat. This is the prevailing belief and this is the reaction you will receive if you are dumb enough to cite any research which supports the view that emitted electromagnetic radiation is dangerous. Subsequently, most of the public believes that this technology is safe as humanity is being slaughtered. It turns out that the tin foil hat crowd is correct and the science justifies this belief that cell phones, WIFI and Smart Meters are life-threatening, depopulation events. .

Threats Posed by Cell Phones, WIFI and  Smart Meters Are Identical

Damage to sperm is the most documented health effect, cited in human epidemiological studies as it relates to cell phones. However, the scientific evidence does not confine the dangers posed by cell phones.

A longitudinal 2005 study examined the motility of sperm (i.e. the ability of sperm to move properly through the female reproductive tract (internal fertilization) or through water (external fertilization) to reach the egg. The study concluded that exposure to WIFI and cell phones significantly decreases sperm motility. In another study conducted on men who had recently attended an infertility clinic found that cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology.

A number of foreign studies (e.g. Japan and Australia [see C. Avendaño, A. Mata, C.A. Sanchez-Sarmiento, G.F. Doncel: Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation. Fertile Sterility, 97 (January (1)) (2012) 39–45.e2]) have both concluded the cell phones can have a catastrophic impact on sperm counts. The Australian study is particularly disturbing because the same negative effects on the potency of sperm, thus effecting reproduction, can also cause irreversible DNA fragmentation in cells (i.e. cancer). This greatly increases the chances of contracting testicular cancer.

Professor Stanton A. Glantz, a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, took the Australian and Japanese findings a step further. In referring to the above cited studies on sperm damage caused by cell phones, Glantz concluded that “External exposure of human sperm to a wireless internet-connected laptop decreases motility and induced DNA fragmentation (i.e. cancer-causing) by a nonthermal effect. We speculate that keeping a laptop connected wirelessly to the internet on the lap near the testes may result in decreased male fertility” (see S.A. Glantz: Primer of biostatistics (7th ed.)The McGraw Hill Companies, San Francisco (2012) p. 247).

These studies represent hundreds of studies which are all saying the same thing, electromagnetic radiation emanating from a cell phone, WIFI, microwave ovens, cell phone towers and even laptops which are connected through wireless means, cause infertility and cancer. This makes this entire industry a depopulation industry by definition.

Smart Meters and Arizona

Arizona Public Service
Arizona Public Service

Despite the well-publicized dangers posed by wireless technology, this is not stopping local and state government from forcing this dangerous technology into our homes. Here is a smart meter story that you will not read about around the country which comes from my home state of Arizona.

Arizona Public Service (APS), in an attempt to silence the growing and vocal  opposition to Smart Meters, is now allowing their customers to opt out of Smart Meter installation for a one-time fee of $50 and a $5 per month surcharge. There are well documented dangers associated with the overwhelming numbers of Smart Meters that are being installed across the country. Twenty thousand APS customers have filed complaints against the installation of Smart Meters in their homes. The complaints cite the electromagnetic dangers, similar to the cell dangers described above and their complaints also objected to unwarranted surveillance capabilities of these devices. Just stop and think about what is being reported here. Twenty thousand people stood up to Arizona Corporation Commission and the Commission blinked! Ask yourself, why haven’t you heard of this August 2014 event? The mere magnitude of the protest should have been enough to send this protest viral across the planet! Instead, APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission backed down in order to silence the growing numbers of people who have now heard of Agenda 21 and its implications for mankind. The powers-that-be which control our nation’s utilities do not want the dangers associated with Smart Meters to become common knowledge.

The outcome in Arizona’s opposition to Smart Meters is certainly a lot different than the fate that Virgina Farver faced in Ft. Collins, CO.  Virginia contacted me one year ago and told me that the city of Ft. Collins was not honoring its “opt out” procedures when it came to the implementation of Smart Meters. Farver refused to allow the installing of the meter on her property. Why was Virginia so adamant about not allowing the technology to be placed on her home? Simply because Virginia Farver lost her son, while attending graduate school on the campus of San Diego State University (SDSU). Virginia’s son was one of several cancer cluster victims which have occurred on the campus of SDSU, which is installing a massive surveillance and energy monitoring system on its system, much to the detriment of its students and staff.

The dangers associated with this grid are life-threatening and omnipresent. Following the death of her son, Virginia became a crusader against the misuse of this technology and began to educate the public. The City of Ft. Collins chose to make an example of her as they threatened to shut off her power in February of 2014 if she did not allow the installation of the meter on her house, in the middle of the winter, in Colorado. What kind of a city threatens to freeze a citizen to death for refusing to have a Smart Meter installed on her house?

Both Farver and Deborah Tavares have been instrumental in bringing forth the dangers of this technology associated with the Smart Grid. Virginia’s well documented claims and her personal story can be read here.


For years, I thought people who believed cell phone technology, WIFI and the Smart Meters were part of a depopulation plot were undoubtedly misguided or crazy. However, the scientific research validates these claims beyond a level of reasonable doubt. The danger is real and the danger threatens nearly every American whether we choose to recognize the threat or not.

Nearly every American is now under threat. We are under attack. Is is deliberate and part of a depopulation agenda? Or, is this merely a matter of corporate greed sewing the seeds of our own destruction? I will leave it to you to decide.

The mere fact that 20,000 Phoenix area residents rose up against the Smart Meters is an amazing testament that this is no longer tin foil hat material. However, one cannot help but wonder how many of the 20,000 Phoenix area residents who are aware of the dangers posed by the Smart Meters, are also still using cell phones?

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There is growing evidence that children in particular, are being deliberately targeted with personal exposure to this technology. This will be the topic of a future story. Meanwhile, I wonder if Obama has a Smart Meter installed on the White House?

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.