News everywhere is swamped with the latest on ISIS reportedly threatening to behead two Japanese hostages unless the nation pays a $200 million ransom.

But wait. What’s up with this image the mainstream media is sporting everywhere?


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Notice anything there in regards to the direction of the sunlight and the supposedly resultant shadow on the hostages’ faces?

This one is particularly interesting…

Let’s try again:


How about this one:


Maybe that’s because it comes from the video which looks even cheaper.

Seriously. Is that a green screen?

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Here’s a breakdown from a thread running on Godlike Productions:

Anyone who makes video editing can tell it’s fake and it was filmed in a studio. The “desert” background is fake as fuck, added onto an alpha layer behind the actors.

Although MSM news are showing a hi-res version with a ton of feathering and smoothing around the actors, we can clearly see the heavily jagged edges around their bodies in low-res versions, specially around “Jihad John” because he’s dressed full black, what suggests that there were physical objects behind them in the studio, and they were removed to create an alpha background for the desert pic.

I didn’t clean up the noise so that you can see the jagged edges.


(Click image above to enlarge for full effect.)

For more on how this stuff is done pretty much all the time, be sure to watch Wag The Dog.

(H/T Scott Ford)

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