Photo Credit: NCRI

Photo Credit: NCRI
Photo Credit: NCRI

Within the last year, or so, we have seen stories about Jesus being a Muslim, Muslims Discovering America, and the untouchable “believer lice”that bless Muslim beards.

This is a religion where sodomy is prohibited unless, of course, one is widening the anus for the storage of bombs.

You might wake up one day to find that your husband is now your son because your former Father-in-Law decided to force himself upon you, thus becoming your new husband.

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All the above stories are somewhat bizarre but sourced and believed to be true. This one, however, takes the cake.

Evidently satellite dishes are considered to be enemies of Islam, at least in Iran.

We wouldn’t want Iranians or Muslims to be offended, now would we?

These satellite dishes and receivers must be destroyed!!!

NCRI reports:

The Iranian regime has destroyed around 6,000 confiscated satellite dishes and receivers which it brands the ‘enemy of Islam’ in a ceremony in the city of Shiraz.

City officials attended the event, which was decorated with signs listing the ‘negative effects’ of the equipment which mullahs insist are the tools of ‘soft war’ against the regime.

One banner at the stadium listed the effects of satellite TV, which included ‘depression, immorality, change in the foundation of beliefs, change in life style, secrecy, obsession with fashion, creating doubts in hearts, aggression and school truancy’.

The satellite dishes were decorated with slogans indicating the dangers of satellite use, and other signs read, ‘the rule of devil over your life’, ‘Insecurity’, ‘Enemy of Islam’, ‘Enemy of the Family’, ‘Lies’, Soft war’, ‘the black voodooist’ and ‘The silent aggression’.

The arguments are not totally devoid of merit. I am not sure about Iranian television but in America there is enough “Trash-TV” to go around. It certainly effects the population more than we might care to admit.


This is the difference between freedom and oppression. If I don’t like what you are watching on Satellite Channel 729 then I don’t have to watch it myself.

In America, though our freedoms are certainly under assault, we still value the right to make choices, so long as those choices do not infringe upon the rights of others.

No matter how sane or crazy you might feel these Imams are, you have to admit that they are taking the choice away from Iranian citizens and that this is a picture perfect example of authoritarian rule.

This is why we fight both the Sharia law invasion and the Nanny State in America.

I might object to certain things that you do. You almost assuredly feel the same about me.

But in America we still have choices and it needs to stay that way.

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