Andrew Cuomo could very well be the next New York democrat to do time behind bars.  If not, he could at least be forced from office for corruption.  For those of you who did not know, New York state had a group called the Moreland Commission.  This group was responsible for ferreting out corruption in politicians.  I say “had” because Andrew Cuomo shut them down….right after they began probing Sheldon Silver.  Silver was arrested yesterday for fraud and bribery.  The federal attorney general is now looking into the matter.

The irony is that the commission got its start after Cuomo appointed them  in 2013.  They were charged with rooting out public corruption.  Evidently, Cuomo didn’t know they planned to take him seriously.  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman selected the actual commission members.  Cuomo disbanded the commission in 2014, right after it began probing Silver a friend of Cuomo’s and a long time ally of his father, Mario.

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People are now questioning Cuomo’s commitment to rooting out corruption.  GOP consultant Jessica Proud is quoted as saying:

“It has a huge impact.  Preet  confirmed that this is a result of the Moreland investigation, and that begs the question whether or not the governor knew about this information when he decided to disband the panel. That has political and legal implications.”

The problem for Cuomo is that the federal prosecutors took the evidence the committee had to arrest Silver with.  At the time Cuomo abandoned the commission, he said it was because the legislature passed laws that would do the same thing.  Except they didn’t and the commissions unfinished work was not handed over to any other law enforcement agency.  That looks suspicious.

Even more damaging is that the federal prosecutor, Preet Bharara, has told reporters that there are more prosecutions on the way.   One has to wonder if he was referring to Cuomo.

Mickey Carroll of Quinnipiac University’s polling institute said:

“If I were the governor, I’d be keeping a very wary eye on this US attorney. He certainly is still looking into the Moreland Commission work, and he said he would finish up its work and also at how it got knocked off. Both are potential hazards for the governor.”

Some are saying Cuomo could be forced to leave office if it is determined that he tried to cover up for Silver, even if he isn’t charged with a crime.

Courtesy of Red Statements.