al gore

Al Gore is back in the news.  He has teamed up with former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, to promote a plan to remove cars from every major city on the planet.  You will only be able to move with mass transit.  Can anyone honestly see Gore getting off his private jet and hopping a bus into town?  Chances are he would have to transfer at least once.  Gore and Calderon think the total cost would be in the neighborhood of 90 trillion dollars.

Have any of you ever taken a bus?  Even when there is no traffic it can take forever with all the stops to pick up and drop off passengers.  It can eat up large chunks of your time.  I used to take the bus and it not only took me an extra hour and a half but it also limited where I could look for work.  I finally bought a bicycle and cut my commuting time by 2/3.  Plus, I didn’t have to deal with the Tourette Girl anymore.  She would go into one of her rants and I kept a close eye on her in case she was armed.  I never said a word to her ever.

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It would also limit those day trips we take routinely on weekends in the summer and fall.  Think about the driving you do and then try to imagine doing it all on subways, trains and buses.  Want to see Grandma three towns over?  Better plan a weekend around it.  And the cost will probably be prohibitive.

Gore and Calderon claim that the world would spend 90 trillion on their cities over the next couple of decades anyway.  And it will save the world.

The ironic thing is that Gore and Calderon presented their plan at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where there were 1,700 private jets…..Including Gore’s.

Courtesy of Red Statements.