Despite the fact that John McCain brought in a large number of supporters who were supposed to lead the cheer for McCain on Saturday, members jeered him and turned their backs on him in disrespect.  His propagandists told the local news media that only a small number of delegates booed, but the video tape shows a different story:

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Rob Haney, who was a former county chairman, passed out stickers with McCain’s picture with the words “Return to Manchuria”  This is a reference to the movie The Manchurian Candidate, which is about a man who was brainwashed by communists and then runs for president.  Sort of like the president we have now.

Haney believes that McCain, who is a liberal, is destroying the United States and the GOP party:

“I’ve been against him since I knew about him.  There’s not a thing worthwhile that he has done. He’s anti-Constitution. You can’t believe a word that he says.”

Last year, the Arizona GOP didn’t even invite him to speak.  Several county GOP parties have censured him or admonished him for his liberal policies.  McCain didn’t endear himself when he led a purge to drive Tea Party members from the state Republican leadership.

McCain is one gang of four and gang of eight member that have tried to stuff Obama’s policies down the throats of Arizonans.  Perhaps the most damning vote McCain has made is on the Senate Immigration plan.  The bill allowed the borders to remain porous for all time and allows illegal aliens to become citizens rapidly.  Arizona is a border state and the citizens have been trying for years to get a grip on the immigration problem and the high costs of educating and providing heathcare for them.

If republicans put up a decent candidate, it’s unlikely McCain can win.

Courtesy of Red Statements.