Harvey Whittemore, a long time friend and donor to Harry Reid and lobbyist at the time his crime was committed, had his conviction upheld and he will be spending two years in a federal prison, less time for good behavior.  Whittemore was caught distributing money to family and friends , and expected them to contribute the money to Reid for his Senate campaign.  Reid was never indicted because they couldn’t prove he knew about the crime.  But, of course he did.  No lobbyist is going to give a candidate $145,000 unless he makes sure he gets the credit for it.

Whittemore appealed his conviction on the grounds he was convicted with insufficient evidence.  His lawyer tried to convince the judges of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that there was no evidence tying his client to the crime.  The Ninth disagreed and voted to uphold the conviction.

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Whittemore is a legend in Nevada politics.  He was known as the go-to-guy for much needed campaign cash by democratic politicians, which made Whittemore’s services a must for any business interested in legislation that might help or hurt their business.  Like any business, Whittemore’s lobbying success lead to more clients and higher fees, which lead to more campaign contributions, which lead to more influence and once again more clients for Whittemore.

In 2007, Whittemore met with Harry Reid and promised he would raise $150,000 for his campaign.  When he found he was unable to raise the money, he decided to use his own.  He couldn’t afford to disappoint Reid who was the man many of his clients counted on for help.  He was unable by law to make the entire contribution, so he enlisted family and friends to do it for him.

And Harry Reid gets a free ride once again.

Courtesy of Red Statements.