The crimes keep piling up but the Obama administration takes a firm stand that breaking the law and committing major felonies is not sufficient to deport illegal aliens.  If I were a criminal, I would immediately go to the local immigration office and apply for illegal status.  That way they would be immune to being locked up as long as they can make bail.  Democrats will do anything to keep their voters in the United States.

Two years ago, Apolinar Altamirano, was convicted of burglary.  This should have, according to the Obama administration, made him the type of illegal they were concentrating on for deportation.  He was released on ten thousand dollars bail.  Since then, two women have gotten protection orders against Altamirano.  One  that was issued on January 19th of this year, accused him of threatening her life and aiming a gun at her boyfriend.  Altamirano was not investigated for the gun.

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Three days later, Altamirano went into a convenience store and tried to buy a pack of cigarettes.  When the clerk insisted that Altamirano hand over the money first, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at the clerk.  The clerk tried to hand Altamirano the cigarettes, when he was gunned down.  Altamirano then stepped over the clerk and grabbed two packs of cigarettes and fled.

Police caught up with him later and they arrested him after they found the stolen cigarettes on his person.  Considering he committed a cold blooded murder and his long history of violent behavior, it could be weeks, maybe even a month before Altamirano is released back onto our streets.  Because of his heinous crime Obama won’t release him until after he fills out his voter registration card and signs a couple of dozen absentee ballots.

How long must we sit idly by and watch these illegals flaunt our laws and kill our citizens?

Courtesy of Red Statements.