Glendale, Arizona,the home of the 2015 Superbowl.
Glendale, Arizona,the home of the 2015 Super Bowl.

If the Super Bowl comes to your community, hide your wallet. Your streets will have unrepaired potholes, local NFL events will be overrun by prostitutes, domestic violence will rise, local sale tax will get diverted to the NFL’s already fat wallets and communities go broke hosting the Super Bowl.

When the city of Glendale, Arizona last hosted the Super Bowl, in 2008, city officials estimated that it lost $1.6 million. The more things change the more they stay the same. The current mayor of Glendale, Jerry Weiers, said that being home to Super Bowl XLIX  is problematic and he is questioning the money-making potential of this year’s big game, according to CBS News’ David Begnaud. The NFL says that every nickel that a city pays to host the Super Bowl comes back to the city in the form of revenue. However, one would have to be a fool to believe the NFL’s bait and switch tactics with regard to that claim. For the privilege of helping to make billionaires millions of more dollars at taxpayer expense, the City of Glendale will lose an estimate $3 million dollars as will several other surrounding communities.

The cost of public safety is the most expensive service that the NFL requires Glendale to provide. Additionally there is a very long and expensive list of other NFL demands including, but not limited to, Police escorts, free parking spaces, access to golf courses and a bowling alley and catering discounts. And of course, the Glendale taxpayer is footing the bill for the NFL’s extravagance.

The NFL Condones Brutal Domestic Violence

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The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, spent seven months trying to cover up one of the worst cases of domestic violence by one of its players, Ray Rice, that I have ever seen.  The NFL had clear and irrefutable evidence that the Baltimore Ravens’ running back knocked out his then-fiancée with a left hook at the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Baltimore Ravens’ director of security, Darren Sanders, had seen security video within hours of the event and Rice was still allowed to continue to play for the Ravens. The video was shot from inside of the elevator where Rice’s punch knocked his fiancée unconscious. A casino security officer, who told Sanders he just happened to be a Ravens fan, described in detail to Sanders what he was seeing on the video. Here is the video. Warning, this video contains graphic violence.

It was only after this horrible video of the incident was made public, that the NFL took serious action against Ray Rice.

nfl crimeCriminality is rampant in the NFL. NFL athletes are arrested at a far higher rate than the general public. In the four months following the 2014 Super Bowl, 27 NFL players were arrested for crimes ranging from child abuse to spousal abuse to drug abuse and even murder. New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez was accused of murder and Massachusetts will be sending this thug away for a very long time.  Star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson, was convicted of beating his four year old son with a tree branch. And these are the role models for our children to emulate? This “thug show on turf” is what our communities are forking out millions of dollars for the privilege of bringing this thug show on turf to our communities.

 The NFL, the Super Bowl and Child Prostitution

super bowl sex traffickingThe $32 billion a year illicit industry, second only to drug trafficking, victimizes between 300,000 to 400,000 American children every year in some form of sex-trafficking, according to the Blue Campaign, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security program aimed at educating the public about the crime. The average age for entering into child prostitution is only 13 years old, according to the Department of Justice. Two CNN news reports discuss how the Super Bowl and prostitution, especially child sex trafficking go hand in hand. It is interesting that NFL demands that local cities pay for their security costs, but not one dime of this money goes to prevent these heinous crimes. The NFL does not even offer as much as a Public Service Announcement to renounce the practice. This is a case of condoning this illicit industry through the complicity of silence. ABC News calls the Super Bowl the biggest day of prostitution in the world.

High school students, teens as young as 13, and other children previously reported missing by their families were among 16 juveniles rescued from forced prostitution during the 2014 Super Bowl events in and around New Jersey, according to an FBI task force.

The NFL Price Gouges Every Vendor and Fan They Service

nfl greedyWhen my wife supervised concessions in the National Football League’s (NFL) 1997 Super Bowl and the NFL Experience, as the Arizona’s Chief Operations Manager for McDonalds, the corporation was charged 30% of all profits by the NFL for the privilege of helping the NFL make money. The corporation lost a lot of money as did all the other participants in the NFL Experience and the Super Bowl, directly.

The NFL owners demand that citizens of various communities put up hundreds of millions of dollars to build monolithic stadiums at taxpayers expense. Amazingly, the NFL does not pay tax on its revenues!

Unbelievable: The NFL Is Tax Exempt

nfl tax exemptI know you are wondering if you read the preceding statement correctly? That is correct!

Did you know that the NFL made $9 billion dollars last year? Did you know that the NFL is a tax-exempt corporation and paid no tax on their $9 billion dollars of profit in the 2012-2013 season? What is wrong with this picture?

Hide Your Wallet When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

In the most recent string of NFL violations of the public trust, the NFL is attempting to use local government to control pricing of hotel rooms in and around the University of Phoenix Stadium where the 2015 Super Bowl is being played. Fortunately, the people of the nearby area in Glendale, AZ., and their Mayor, Jerry Weiers, have told the NFL to go pound sand. Can you believe that the NFL thinks that they have the right to price fix local merchants and the prices that they would charge? Mark it down, on Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL becomes the economic dictators of the host city!

Every time the Super Bowl is played in a city, the residents’ wallets get a little lighter with the corporate welfare demanded by the league for the pleasure of helping the NFL make more money.

The last time I attended an NFL game, a 10 ounce beer cost $10! A dollar an ounce for warm stadium beer! And we thought the Rockefellers were being greedy over the price of oil!

Don’t Try to Smuggle Your Constitution Inside of An NFL Stadium: The NFL or the TSA, What’s the Difference?

nfl tsa same thingPlease remember, as I have reported before, this is the same NFL which is participating in the violation of our constitutional liberties through TSA-type searches. When you go to an NFL game, by default, you give up your Fourth Amendment rights.

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The NFL An Accomplice to Tyranny

OMGIn the commission of a crime, if you drive the getaway car and get caught, are you going to jail? You are darn right you are going to jail. Shouldn’t we expect the same of a sports league in which select owners thinks it is OK to aid and abet in the act of kidnapping a child from his or her elementary school.

In Operation Mountain Guardian, we should remember, that this is the same NFL that allowed FEMA to bring school children to the Denver Broncos Sports Authority Field after they were illegally removed from their elementary schools without parental notification or permission. To date, there has been no apology or explanation given. The same thing took place at the New York Giants Stadium as well.

Why would anyone support such an organization?

The NFL Backs Gun Confiscation

"Give up your guns"

Who will ever forget the Bob Costas rant at an NFL game last year when he called for gun confiscation. The people who overpay for the game tickets are not paying to hear the NFL tell everyone that they should give up their guns. Does anyone think it is an accident that the NFL is cooperating to allow their venues to be used as detention centers in times of national emergency?

bob costas fired

It Is Time To Boycott the NFL

If we do not put an end to this tyranny by withdrawing our support of the organizations which allows these abuses to perpetrated upon the public, we are in danger of losing free access to all private and public facilities. How long will it be until this insanity carries over to us being groped before we can enter a mall? Or a church? Or a movie theater? Or a bar?

nfl boycott 2

How does one go about boycotting the NFL? Pretty much the same way that one would boycott anything.

1. Not that it will do any good, but write to your Congressman demanding that the tax exemption for the NFL is revoked.

2. Press your State Legislators to pass laws forbidding the use of tax payer money to support corporate welfare for the NFL The billionaire owners can build their own stadiums.

3. Write to all advertisers of NFL televised games and tell them that you will not buy their products as long as they advertise at NFL games.

4. Obviously, everyone should refuse to buy a ticket to an NFL game.

5. Do not buy NFL merchandise

I played high school football and coached at the high school level before moving on to coach college basketball. I love football. It is a brutal game played by tough men. I learned a lot about life and discipline from my football coaches. If you are like me, you do not have to get your football fix from the NFL. Go to a high school game where the competition is genuine and the love of the game is why the athletes play.


The only reason that American forces attacked Guadalcanal in the dark days of 1942 during WWII, was because America needed a victory, any victory. Boycotting the NFL can serve the same purpose.

The forces of the NWO are so omnipresent, so powerful that the general public is unable to gain any traction against this tyranny. However, this is a battle we can win. Nobody can force you to go to a NFL football game. Nobody can force you to purchase NFL products. This is what we should have done after the TSA began to sexually assault Americans, refuse to fly. If the American public stood down in the face of tyranny, the airlines and the NFL would go broke and their screams would have been heard all the way to the halls of Congress.

We can accomplish this

The Acronym NFL Should Soon Come to Mean Not For Long

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.