HILLARY CLINTON ALTERED 2Top Pentagon officials and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) distrusted Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, so they opened their own dialogue with the Libyan regime.  Their communication with the Gadhafi regime was an effort to avoid war.  Tapes of conversations between them and the Gadhafi regime were found in Tripoli.  The authenticity of the tapes has been verified by the participants on the tapes, which reveal confidential conversations with Gadhafi’s son and another top official in Libya.  The tapes have been reviewed by the Washington Times.

The tapes show that in unfiltered conversations with top Libyan leaders, criticisms of Hillary were common.  Libyan officials claim she had tunnel vision and they were forced to deny false allegations leveled at them by Clinton.  The tapes show also that Hillary ignored the US intelligence community that had doubts about the narrative given at the time.  That led the US into the conflict where Obama gave air cover to Al Qaeda.

An American intermediary sent directly by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Libyan government and who’s name has been withheld told Libyans officials:

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“You should see these internal State Department reports that are produced in the State Department that go out to the Congress. They’re just full of stupid, stupid facts.”

The intermediary told the Libyans that the State Department was controlling what was being reported on the Libyan situation.  And remember, the intermediary said that information was full of “stupid facts”.  It was at the time of the Arab Spring and Hillary reported that the Libyan regime was going to start a program of genocide and insisted it be stopped before it began.  No solid evidence is reported as being given to back up Hillary’s theories.

Gadhafi’s son Seif, spoke directly to Rep Kucinich and told him:

“It was like the WMDs in Iraq. It was based on a false report.  Libyan airplanes bombing demonstrators, Libyan airplanes bombing districts in Tripoli, Libyan army killed thousands, etc., etc., and now the whole world found there is no single evidence that such things happened in Libya.”

Seif also told Kucinich that the trouble in Libya was not from their citizens but from radical Islamists trying to set up an Islamic state.  We now know this to be absolutely true also.

Kucinich who challenged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination is quoted (To the Washington Times on the tapes) as saying:

“I had facts that indicated America was headed once again into an intervention that was going to be disastrous.  What was being said at the State Department — if you look at the charge at the time — it wasn’t so much about what happened as it was about what would happen. So there was a distortion of events that were occurring in Libya to justify an intervention which was essentially wrong and illegal.”

So, Obama in making the decision to help Al Qaeda in their battle against Gadhafi, chose to ignore facts from the Pentagon and intelligence officials and acted on Hillary’s conjecture.  This led directly to the events at Benghazi, where four Americans were murdered, including the ambassador, Chris Stevens.  It also explains why Obama found it necessary to cover up the fact that it was a terrorist attack and not a demonstration against a twelve minute internet video.

On August 24th of that year, Kucinich wrote a letter to the White House and the State Department which included:

“I have been contacted by an intermediary in Libya who has indicated that President Muammar Gadhafi is willing to negotiate an end to the conflict under conditions which would seem to favor Administration policy.”

Kucinich said neither Obama or Clinton answered his letter.  Now, the question that must be asked is why?  Any agreement that would have been acceptable to Obama would include Gadhafi stepping down and turning the country over to civilian leaders.  That seems reasonable enough.  Why wouldn’t Obama agree to something like that immediately?  What if he didn’t want civilians in charge?

The Washington Times reached out to Clinton for comment but her team refused to comment on the tapes.

Hillary was the most vocal person advocating war in Libya.  She was joined by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and her successor as secretary of state, John F. Kerry.  LOL  A bunch of losers.  The opposition was made up mostly of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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While Hillary was spewing lies about Libya being about to bring down genocide on it’s on people was highly disputed within the intelligence community because such an act would mobilize countries against Libya.

Hillary in 2016?  Instead of a four year term, I suggest 25 to life.

Courtesy of Red Statements.