Is China preparing military assets to attack Japan?

According to David Archibald at the American Thinker, satellite images taken of the Nanjia Islands located between China and Russia suggest that the Peoples’ Republic is building a new refueling complex. Archibald says the location of the new helicopter hub and the way it has been designed can mean only one thing.


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The image shows the construction of ten helipads with trenching around them.  The trenching would be for individual fuel lines to each helipad.  This is an expeditionary helipad complex.  Flights of ten helicopters would fly in from the mainland, refuel as quickly as possible, and then fly on to the Senkakus.

This kind of refueling arrangement is done only if you are going to war.  In about 1937, a Royal Air Force pilot visiting a German airbase realized that a war was coming when he saw the refuelling points around the airbase’s apron.

The first place that the Chinese helicopter attack will be spotted from is the new Taiwanese radar station on Leshan Mountain (24° 30’N, 121° 04’E).  This is the most powerful Pave Paws radar built to date.  It can see 3,100 miles into Chinese airspace and, for example, detected a North Korean missile launch before Japan did.

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