John Podesta, top aide to Barack Obama, who was planning on leaving to work on Hillary’s campaign has been caught taking $87,000 from a shady foreign billionaire to convince Obama to impede drilling by US companies.  Podesta was the driving force in Obama’s decision to set aside 12 million acres and to prevent it from being drilled for oil.  He is also one of the architects of Obama’s decision to prevent drilling in Alaska.  The quid pro quo is undeniable.

Podesta was given the honor of announcing the plan in a blog last Sunday, in which he said:

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This move would ensure  “this wild, free, beautiful, and bountiful place remains in trust for Alaska Natives and for all Americans.” (And big bucks for my wallet)

Podesta was hired by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, just as he was preparing to go to work for Obama.  This ethics breech brings up a lot of questions, such as why would Switzerland’s second richest man care what Americans do on American soil, not to mention what getting caught in corruption could do to his rejoining the Clinton political machine.

Podesta’s ultra liberal group, Center for American Progress received 4 million dollars from Wyss and in returning the favor, Podesta named Wyss to the CAP board. which carries with it keys to the liberal kingdom in the US.

Podesta’s actions are a violation of several federal ethics laws and Obama’s policy that states no member of his administration may participate in anything of interest to a former employer.  But since he is leaving, I don’t think he will face any charges, especially since the suspension of Americans drilling for their own oil is a goal of Obama’s, too.

Wyss, who has a fortune estimated at 11.8 billion dollars has donated 110 million to liberal causes since 2008.

Courtesy of Red Statements.