A sixteen page document has been released and its authenticity has been vouched for by a source in Libya, Mohammed Ismael, a former Gadhafi officer and the US intelligence asset that was involved in the gathering of information about weapons from the West, making their way to Al Qaeda in Libya.  Sixteen page list of weapons.  Libyan officials were worried that it was strengthening Al Qaeda generally and showed that officials were especially worried about Al Qaeda in Benghazi.  The report was written a year before the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.

The Obama administration allowed arms and money from Qatar to be delivered to insurgents, even though they were worried about Qatar arming the radical Islamists.  The shipments included large quantities of surface to air missiles and tanks.  Remember, the embassy in Benghazi was attacked with surface to air missiles.  Although there is no proof that those were the same weapons sent by Qatar or even the United States, it appears to be more than likely.

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The documents and previously released tapes will be used against Clinton should she run for president.  Undoubtedly, she would stress her experience as Secretary of State to showcase her foreign affair bona fides.  Republican candidates will be able to use the tapes and documents to prove how ineffective and counterproductive her policies actually were, especially when it comes to Benghazi.

Although both Obama and Clinton claim faulty intelligence caused them to push for war in Libya, the truth is that US intelligence was adamantly opposed to the action.  The Pentagon and even fellow democratic lawmaker, Dennis Kucinich did not trust Clinton and they took the unprecedented step of opening their own lines of communication with the Gadhafi regime.

With the release of the documents and tapes, it has become apparent that Clinton is directly involved in the arming of the radical Islamists that attacked Benghazi.

Courtesy of Red Statements.