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I get 200-300 emails everyday. I frequently hear from foreign nationals who read what I write on this website. These people write to me from global hot spots like Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, the Philippines, etc. There is a consistent theme that emanates from these countries that have experienced American imperialism in one form or another. In nearly every case, the theme of their contacts is the same in that they ask me how I can pretend to write in the name of justice while ignoring the human slaughter and unimaginable suffering that U.S. forces have caused around the world in the name of corporate greed and profit? These people have a point, an undeniable point.

The CIA Sponsored ISIS

Make no mistake about it, ISIS is a CIA creation which was allowed to grow by American military equipment purposefully left behind in Iraq in violation of our laws which calls for the complete destruction of military equipment upon exiting a theater of war.

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Presently, the  CIA sponsored ISIS is raging through Syria leaving a path of destruction reminiscent of General Sherman’s scorched earth policy in his infamous “march to the sea” in the Civil War. And they are doing so with American military equipment.

Where Is Our Humanity?

I have heard from a Syrian mother who has emigrated to the UK in order to escape the unfolding war in her former country. Here are her words of anguish and distress.

“I am originally from Syria and I now live in the UK because I was luckier than most of my people and had relatives living in the UK take us in after my fellow Christian friends helped us get out. Your CIA proxy war installed what you call ISIS by the USA and her western allies in Saudi Arabia, are destroying my country and are killing hundreds of thousands of our people. Our economy is destroyed and most of my people have no jobs to go to anymore. I have lost many family members. Your CIA proxy soldiers shot my 13 year old son. My children say they have no future because they hate our new home and they do not care if they live or die because all we do is suffer. What can a parent tell their children when they feel this way? The only way we can have a life is if the American Imperialism forces would leave us alone. We saw dead bodies every day. Our water was poisoned and we often couldn’t get food.  We did not sleep well at night because the shells and the cries of dying people kept us awake. I have read what you wrote Dave Hodges about a 3rd world war starting in Syria. You admit your President is a criminal. Then why do not write about the Syrian people and how your government is murdering us? You write about American mothers who have their kids taken by corrupt agents from your government but you ignore the children who are killed at the hand of your government in Syria, Why? Dave Hodges the war started a long time ago where have you Americans been? Don’t we Syrians count as people…?”

I have written about the carnage in Syria before but without enough force and zeal. I am writing about the suffering caused by this administration, again. To the people of Syria, I am deeply sorry and troubled by the plight of your people. I pray for you, but we Americans feel helpless on how to stop the carnage. As I consider my future course of action in this matter, I am reminded of the words of Henry David Thoreau.

Taking a Page Out of Walden

Henry David Thoreau lived a quiet, solitary life at Walden, an isolated pond in the woods about a mile and a half from Concord. He was jailed for failing to pay taxes to a corrupt government which had caused so much suffering by persecuting Native Americans and imposing unjust taxes. Thoreau decided to become a tax evader. There were no income taxes at the time and Thoreau did not own enough land to worry about property taxes. However, there was the hated poll tax, that was a capital tax levied equally on all adults within a community. So, in 1846, Thoreau decided to not pay the tax in protest to the actions of his government. He was subsequently jailed.

The classic work, Civil Disobedience, was Thoreau’s written response to his 1846 imprisonment for refusing to pay a poll tax that violated his conscience.  Thoreau’s friend and former mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?” In one of the most classic replies in American history, Thoreau replied  “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?” The obvious message centered on the question of how can we continue to support a corrupt government which brings so much pain and suffering to so many?

In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau asked two very pertinent questions: (1) Why do some men obey laws without asking if the laws are just or unjust; and, (2) Why do others obey laws they think are wrong?

I am now looking into the belly of the beast and I am being confronted with the same two questions as I am now coming to terms with my own hypocrisy.

The Real Terrorists Work at Langley

The scene belongs at the entrance of the CIA in our search for terrorists.
The scene belongs at the entrance of the CIA in our search for terrorists.

What do we say to a person when her child was wounded by OUR CIA forces and that our actions are destroying the people from a country who have done absolutely nothing to us? Why do we continue to pay taxes to a government that behaves in such an uncivilized manner? If the TSA, with all of their intrusive and illegal practices, wants to find the real terrorists, that they claim they are looking for, they need to set up their sexual assault stations and body scanners at the entrance of the CIA facility in Langley.


There is no conclusion that can be written that is appropriate to the situation. Each person who reads these words is now confronted by their own conscience. I am left wondering, why we are all not in jail? Every American should spend a day in jail to protest our government’s inhumanity to the world.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.