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99.9% of Muslims, Obama says, reject the terrorists’ understanding of Islam. That still leaves 1.3 million jihadis or jihad sympathizers, but never mind that for now — where is this 99.9%?

President Dawah is out there dissembling, proselytizing and spreading Islam as the global jihad rages on.

The idea that Obama would pull a number — “99.9% of all Muslims” — out of a hat speaks to what a dangerous dissembler this infiltrator is. As if saying something so outlandish would make it so.

According to a pew poll, 75% of Muslims worldwide want sharia for the family issues including divorce and property disputes. 75% also want amputation and death for apostates in places like South Asia. 94% of Muslims in Afghanistan want sharia, 70% of Egyptians and 76% of “Palestinians” want stoning and hand chopping, etc. 40% of Muslims in the UK want sharia and 25% of Muslims in the USA think suicide bombing is okay.

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While the jihad rages in the cause of Islam across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and China, Obama insists, “a rose is not a rose” or “Islam is not Islamic.”

President Taqiyya. The thing is, this isn’t 2001, and the people aren’t buying it. We’ve have 14 years of endless war, whining and whacking. It is what it is. Jihad.

Activists of Islamist group Bangladesh Jamiyat-e-Hizbullah take part in a protest rally near the national mosque in Dhaka
Photo: Hundreds of thousands of Muslims protest, call for death penalty for bloggers who insult Islam.

“Obama: “Overwhelming majority of Muslims reject” jihadists’ view of Islam,” thanks to Robert Spencer

99.9% of Muslims, Obama says, reject the terrorists’ understanding of Islam. That still leaves 1.3 million jihadis or jihad sympathizers, but never mind that for now — where is this 99.9%? Where are the Muslim organizations that are dedicated to working against the jihadists? Where are the Muslim marches and protests against al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and all the hijackers of Islam? We have seen many protests lately by Muslims against the latest Muhammad cartoons in Charlie Hebdo. Where are the Muslim protests against the killing of the cartoonists and in support of the freedom of speech? Why is this 99.9% so silent and passive in the face of this “hijacking” of their religion?

“Obama says terrorists not motivated by true Islam,” by Dave Boyer, The Washington Times, February 1, 2015:

Criticized for avoiding the phrase “Islamic extremism,” President Obama said he doesn’t want to alienate the majority of peace-loving Muslims as the U.S. fights to defeat terrorist networks around the world.

“I think that for us to be successful in fighting this scourge, it’s very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9 percent of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we’re looking for: order, peace, prosperity,” Mr. Obama said on CNN. “And so I don’t quibble with labels.”

The president also said he doesn’t want to “overinflate” the importance of terrorist groups by sending U.S. troops to occupy countries in the Middle East or by “playing whack-a-mole” against terrorist leaders because it drains America’s financial strength….

“I think we all recognize that this is a particular problem that has roots in Muslim communities, and that the Middle East and South Asia are sort of ground zero for us needing to win back hearts and minds, particularly when it comes to young people,” Mr. Obama said. “But I think we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if we are not taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject this ideology. I reject a notion that somehow that creates a religious war, because the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject that interpretation of Islam.”…

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.