(INTELLIHUB) — “The ISIS barbarians appear to have used their most twisted form of execution to date, burning alive a caged Jordanian pilot despite negotiations of his release.”, reported the Daily News and numerous other agencies, in a failed attempt to rile up the populace in a continued effort proclaiming that the C.I.A. funded group ISIS is actually real.

While the group is real in the sense that it exists, it is merely a puppet show of smoke and mirrors, utilizing well produced and scripted imagery to push an official narrative.

In every single report posted by mainstream sources you will see that they use the words “apparently” or “reportedly” or “appear” or “unconfirmed” or “claims” or “reports“, signifying that the video is nothing more than a sham. But even more sadly they all know it’s a sham, but yet continue to report on it, running with it as if it’s real.

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Additionally CNN even took it a step further saying, “there is no reason to believe they [the videos] are not real“, just continuing the saga of lies, pushing the official White House/C.I.A. narrative onto the masses as the powers-that-be line their pockets building new war machines and providing invasive body scanners at every airport in the name of terror.

However, the fact of the matter is, ISIS is simply a spawn of the C.I.A., a fictitious group, fabricated to incite more reckless spending of U.S. taxpayer dollars, dumping them right into the pockets of privately owned corporations which businesses are based on global security and war. You see this all keeps the gears of war turning all the while churning a profit.

Although the establishment would like you to believe that terrorists lurk around every corner the fact of the matter is that they simply don’t. You literally have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than being caught up in a terrorist attack.

In the latest ISIS spectacle which claims to show a Jordanian pilot being “burned alive” actually shows nothing, as all we can see are a few still images, professionally taken pictures, of what appears to be a movie set. A movie set that has already served its purpose, literally setting the stage as the dumbed-down masses have already eaten it up, not realizing that they have all been duped.

Not only do we see still images, only pictures of the alleged pilot in his nice new and crisp orange jumpsuit, consistent with every other “unconfirmed” ISIS “video” that has been released, the images themselves have flaws with them.

For one, we can see that the steel cage, prop, being used is clearly not even fastened to the ground, which is lying merely on sand and could easily be lifted by the so-called victim if he wished to escape at anytime. While the pilot may be shot by one of the attending guards, which are mocked up to look intimidating, surely one would rather die by bullet rather than flame. I mean wouldn’t the guy just remove his gas covered jumpsuit as he was not handcuffed or restrained in any way.

Furthermore the pictures, which the media would like you to believe is a “22 minute video”, shows nothing more than a small flame in the foreground of the alleged pilot, proving nothing as the flames were likely smothered out after the film shoot just before returning the actor to duty on another set.

After all ISIS is a faction of the C.I.A.; so why would they kill one of their own agents during the making of such a poorly scripted video?

And if you have a hard time believing the reality which I am merely pointing out look no further, as President Obama himself admits that the “video” is unconfirmed and may not be “authentic”.

Obama lays it out for the world to bite on it saying in a press conference, “The video that had been released, I don’t know the details of the confirmations. But should in fact this video be authentic it’s just one more indication of the viciousness and the barbarian of this organization.”

So right here and right now I am calling out the mainstream media. Let’s see this video, the full duration, unedited and uninterrupted. I am requesting that anyone who has it plays it on air. In its entirety, unedited. Yes you CNN, you FOX, yes you ABC, yes you NBC, and anyone else who wants to jump on this bandwagon, but you won’t. You know why? Because it simply does not exist. It is all bullshit.

The video is yet to be authenticated just like every other video released by ISIS; or should I say “Daesh“, ISIL, etc.?

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