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The IRS has announced that they will now allow the illegal aliens, Obama is planning to give work permits to, to collect additional Earned Income Tax Credit going back as far as 2011.  When you consider the fact that many people get as much as 5 to 6 thousand in a year for the EITC, four years worth could be about $25,000.  I remember when you considered yourself fortunate to be an American.  Those days are gone, you are much more fortunate if you are an illegal alien.

The IRS has determined that illegal aliens who filed taxes for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 are eligible for the EITC money, even though they were not in the United States legally.  Hell, in many cases they have never paid a dime in taxes.  This also raises the question about what other tax breaks these illegals will receive.  How about the child credit for those years?

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Sen Charles E Grassley objects to the additional refunds and accuses the IRS of using a skewed reading of the IRS statute in order to issue the illegals these additional refunds:

“This is the problem you get into.  The IRS’s interpretation of the EITC eligibility requirements undermines congressional policy for not rewarding those working illegally in the United States.”

Even if we were to stipulate that illegal aliens are eligible for the EITC once they are given work permits, it does not explain why they would get tax refunds retroactively.  Or maybe it does.  Under the senate immigration reform bill and several other plans that have been offered up, illegal aliens would have to pay a certain amount of money before they can become American citizens.  The liberals know for many of them it will take years if ever to pay the full amount….unless they use your tax dollars to pay the fee with.

I wonder which government office you have to go to apply for illegal alien status.

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