Obama lied through his Muslim teeth when he claimed that he wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu because it was too close to their election and he refused to get involved.  The truth is that as a Muslim he is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and Netanyahu, anddefending Israel’s right to exist is roadblock to Obama’s plan.  Don’t believe me?  Since he’s been president, he helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt and has stuck by them and rejected the overwhelming number of Egyptians to do it.

Obama invaded Libya and supplied Al Qaeda with half a billion in weapons that have since been used in the Benghazi attack as well as in Algeria, Iraq and Syria.  The “moderates” Obama supported in Syria are now called ISIS.  Yet, when there was a popular uprising in Iran against the radical Muslims, Obama twiddled his thumbs.

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Now, Obama is supporting Zionist Camp party leader Isaac Herzog, whom both Joe Biden and John Kerry met this week.  Both the White House and the State Dept deny this was a deliberate show of support for Herzog, but as Herzog himself said:

“It’s a complete boycott [of Netanyahu by the Obama administration]. Even if that’s not stated, that’s the story.”

And when you figure in that top Obama campaign leaders were sent to Israel to campaign for Herzog through V-15, which by the way is probably a violation of both US and Israeli law  (Israeli law forbids foreigners from trying to decide their elections and it is illegal for the Obama officials to give money or material support in favor of a candidate), the full scope of Obama’s plans are in open display.

If Israel is to remain free and in a position to defend itself, Netanyahu must prevail.  That is why Obama is fighting against him and for radical Islam as has been his common practice throughout his presidency.

Courtesy of Red Statements.