Is there nothing the resident Muslim in the White House won’t do to protect Islamic extremists?  He won’t even admit they exist.  Now, he is about to ask congress to give ISIS cover that will allow them to continue as a major threat for years to come.  In his proposal for reauthorization of Use of Military Force against ISIS, Obama has placed a clause that no ground troops can be sent in to fight ISIS until 2018, 2 years after he’s left office.

If you are intent on removing a threat, that is not a wise thing to do.  However, if you are intent on aiding Islamic extremists, nothing would suit them better.  With an organization like ISIS that can break up into small groups and hide, bombing runs are not that effective.  Don’t take my word for it.  Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey, who is widely admired by both republicans and democrats for his sharp military mind, has said that taking boots on the ground off the table is the wrong thing to do.

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Besides that, Obama is basically letting ISIS in on our strategic planning.  Imagine that during the cold war, the president said that no matter what, we would not use nuclear bombs, even for retaliation against an aggressor, how much more likely would it be that we could be attacked?  Your enemy should always have to think that nothing is off the table.  It makes them more cautious and less likely to act.

Knowing Obama as I do, he will blame the democrats in congress, saying he had to remove the threat of ground troops in order to get them to vote for the bill.  But with Obama’s history of choosing to be on the side of Muslim terrorists, most of us will know better.

Courtesy of Red Statements.