“Soylent green is all natural, it’s high in protein”


“Soylent green is people!” appears to be a movie quote forgotten by many Americans given that some of them signed a petition to have it added to the Michelle Obama school lunch program.

The famous line comes from the 1973 film Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston. The plot revolves around a dystopian future in which an oppressed population is forced to survive on rations of processed human flesh.

Although generally considered to be one of Heston’s best movies, San Diego beachgoers are seemingly unaware of its contribution to the sci-fi genre. ‘Man on the street’ specialist Mark Dice collected innumerable signatures to add soylent green to school lunches by telling people it was “for the children”.

“It’s a healthy all natural non-GMO food to help with the kids, help build them up nice and strong,” Dice tells one man as he signs the petition.

Another woman signs the petition while remarking that she was a “fat kid,” to which Dice responds that soylent green will help “reduce the childhood obesity problem that we’re facing today”.

“A lot of these kids are complaining about the new healthy standards….the soylent green is all natural, it’s high in protein,” Dice tells another woman as she signs her name.

“Not enough kids are eating Michelle Obama’s soylent green for the lunch program, so we’re just gonna support serving soylent green,” Dice tells another man who responds, “I’m in with the program!”

“The Republicans are trying to defund it and some of the schools are actually not going along with the program,” Dice tells another couple, adding, “We just want to make sure all the kids get their soylent green and get healthy.”

Only one woman at the end refuses to sign the petition, but even she didn’t appear to know what soylent green actually was.

Considering the complaints being made by kids who are tweeting out images of tasteless, disgusting food they are being given under the Michelle Obama school lunch program, many of them may even welcome soylent green’s addition to the menu.


Indeed, it appears as though more protein is already finding its way onto kid’s dishes in the form of dead bugs including grasshoppers, bees and God knows what else.


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If you’ve never seen the movie Soylent Green, check out clips in the video below.

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