Graeme Wood, Twitter Image
Graeme Wood, Twitter Image

Journalist Graeme Wood, who penned a lengthy article for the Atlantic outlining the scope of ISIS’ belief system, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the terrorist group firmly believes Jesus Christ will come to their aid during an apocalyptic final battle in Jerusalem.

Noting that the apocalypse was a central theme to their vision, Wood outlined how the brutal methods employed by ISIS were not necessarily a perversion of Islam, as President Obama frequently claims, but an interpretation of Islamic teachings that most Muslims simply choose to ignore.

“They also believe, by the way, that before they finally achieve victory when Jesus comes back and comes to their aid, that they will actually almost be diminished to nothing, they believe that there will only be 5,000 of their fighters left and then Jesus comes and saves the day for them,” said Wood.

Wood elaborated on ISIS’ belief that Jesus will rescue them when they are surrounded by an “anti-messiah” figure during a final battle in Jerusalem.

This notion is particularly chilling given that 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt who were recently beheaded by ISIS militants called out to Jesus during their final moments.

Pope Francis decried the brutal murder of the men on Monday when he stated, “They only said ‘Jesus help me…’ The blood of our Christian brothers is testimony that cries out. Be they Catholic, Orthodox, Copts, Lutherans, it doesn’t matter: They’re Christian!”

As we have previously highlighted, other Muslims claim that ISIS is directly violating core Islamic principles by resorting to some of the grisly execution methods the group has used, such as burning people alive.

“It is Islamically forbidden to burn a human, whether dead or alive,” writes Dr. Wael Shihab, PhD in Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University. “Allah Most High says, {Truly We have honored human beings} (Al-Isra’ 17: 70); burning a human being is a blatant disregard of the honor owed him or her as per the Divine will. In one of his hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “No one is entitled to punish with fire except the Creator (God) of the fire”. (Abu Dawud, Sunan, No. 2673)

ISIS also violated the Islamic faith when they beheaded American journalist James Foley despite the fact that he had converted to Islam. It is forbidden under Islam to kill a convert.

Meanwhile, some westerners who have been held prisoner by ISIS members assert that members of the group seem to be motivated more by politics than religion.

Didier François, a French journalist who was held captive by ISIS for nearly a year, told CNN that none of the ISIS militants he came into contact with even had a copy of the Quran.

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