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Jihad in the White House. They have their man in there and he is unbowed. Despite the rivers of innocent Christian blood, a dozen beheaded for their faith, the Obama administration cannot condone the the strikes against the Islamic State. So why does he want AUMF (authorization for use of military force)? Who is he going to use it against? Our allies.

He has already helped to arm the Islamic State. We are under siege — there is no way Congress should authorize AUMF under this traitor.

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The Islamic State is slaughtering en masse, kidnapping, gang-raping and selling young non-Muslim girls, and is reportedly harvesting organs to fund its operations, according to an Iraqi official.

Iraq’s envoy to the U.N. told the Security Council that some bodies in mass graves had incisions and were missing kidneys, and that ISIS executed a dozen doctors who refused to harvest organs.

But Obama cannot condone or condemn.

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DAILY BEAST – The Obama administration was given multiple chances Wednesday to endorse a long-time ally’s airstrikes on America’s biggest enemy at the moment, the so-called Islamic State. Over and over again, Obama’s aides declined to back Egypt’s military operation against ISIS. It’s another sign of the growing strain between the United States and Egypt, once one of its closest friends in the Middle East.

This shouldn’t be a complete surprise; Cairo, after all, didn’t tell Washington about its strikes on the ISIS hotbed of Derna, Libya. Still, Wednesday’s disconnect was jarring. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest passed on a reporter’s question about an endorsement of Egypt’s growing campaign against ISIS. So did State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“We are neither condemning nor condoning” the Egyptian strikes, is all one U.S. official would tell The Daily Beast.

In other words, these once-close nations are now fighting separate campaigns against their mutual foe. And that could prove to be very good news for ISIS. The rift between U.S. and the region’s most populous country portends of another division that ISIS could exploit, this time for its expansion into northern Africa and the broader Middle East.

U.S. officials privately said they do not have a better idea for confronting the threat and the ongoing strains between the two nations has led to a breakdown of trust.

“The Egyptian military, in particular, is very frustrated with us,” one U.S. government official explained to the Daily Beast. “It is mutual frustration.”

At a briefing with reporters Wednesday, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby called the relationship with Egypt “complicated.”

“We are constantly reviewing our relationship with Egypt,” Kirby said.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.