I wrote yesterday of Obama using the ISB (Boston Terror Mosque) to help plan his summit on extremism and now we are learning about Islamic extremists Obama has brought in to spread propaganda to the invitees from nations across the planet.

Nicole Mossalam.  She claims that the mosque urged people to come forward after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  That was a lie. She actually told congregants not to speak to the FBI until they consulted with the ISB (Islamic Society of Boston) or guess who?  The ACLU.  Hmmmm.   For those of you not aware of it, the ISB is an American front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama teamed up with the Muslim Brotherhood?  Brilliant!!

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Nabeel Khudairi is another troubling person Obama invited to the summit.  Khudairi besides being a member of the radical ISB is also a member of two other radical Islamic extremist groups, the Islamic Council of New England and the Islamic Center of New England.  Khudairi sued Boston’s Fox 25 and the Boston Herald for defamation during the investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombing.  (All told, 12 terrorists from the ISB have been arrested or killed for their activities)  He dropped the suit after Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) subpoenaed documents that proved the defendents were correct and even more damning evidence began to appear.

From Breitbart News:

The documents we obtained from Khudairi showed that he himself an extremist. It turned out that it was Khudairi who had largely engineered the lawsuit as a means of silencing media and non-profit organizations working to expose and counter Islamic extremism in Boston. Writing to the ISB’s then-executive director, Khudairi urged the ISB to file a lawsuit, suggesting that “If FOX is being sued for this story, it stands to reason that they will be prevented from reporting on the story further while the case is in court.” In a follow-up email, Khudairi wrote that, “If the ISB launches a lawsuit against the FOX-25 organization, they will be forbidden from continuing their propaganda while it is being reviewed in court.”

Khudairi’s strategy worked even better than expected; legal defense is extremely expensive. Although the lawsuit failed, Boston media to this day tell us they are afraid to cover manifestations of Islamic extremism in Boston for fear of being predatorily sued again. Far from helping to counter violent extremism in Boston, Khudairi silenced the reporters trying to expose it.

Khudairi is also known for attacking moderate Muslims who tried to do the right thing. When a board member of the Islamic Center of New England tried to counter the extremism of Imam Hafiz Masood, Khudairi sent the board member an email:

How is it you consider yourself a member or the Board or Directors, or a member or the Islamic Center, or even a decent Muslim for that matter? I have never witnessed anywhere in all my years a “brother” as blatantly enthusiastic to cause trouble for the entire Umma [Arabic for “Muslim nation”] as yourself. … Only a totally Irresponsible Munaffiq [in this context, Arabic for “fake Muslim”] would go on the record about there being fundamentalists in the masjid [Arabic for “mosque].

[Y]ou better not get too used to the idea of being a member of the BOD or even the ICNE general membership for that matter. There is no way you will be allowed to set foot again in the same place that other decent Muslims go to for worship.

Masood has now been deported. Khudairi did manage to get the board member tossed out along with the mosque’s moderate Imam Talal Eid.  As a result, the moderates in the congregation left the mosque, making the mosque dominated by Islamic extremists.

Founding members of the ISB include Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Abdurahman Alamoudi.  Alamoudi has since been sentenced to 23 years in prison for terrorism related charges.  Another member of the mosque was social media guru Ahmad Abousamra, who is now with ISIS and is believed to be their propaganda chief (Right behind Obama and Marie Harf) and responsible for the slick social media campaign run by ISIS.

His father was a vice president of the Muslim American Society of Boston, which is the Muslim Brotherhood front group that controls the ISB.  Aafia Siddiqui, also known as “Lady al Qaeda,” also attended an ISB mosque and she is currently serving an 86 year sentence for opening fire on FBI agents.

If you are surprised that Obama has embraced them, you haven’t been paying attention for the last six years.

Courtesy of Red Statements.