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Catalist, which is funded partially from the millions of dollars George Soros has invested in it since 2006 and is run by Harold Ickes, a close adviser to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, is being accused of fraud.  Catalist provides lists of voter rolls to unions and democrats at a discounted price.  The complaint to the FEC (Federal Election Commission) was filed by Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a nonpartisan Watchdog group.

FACT director Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney told Fox News:

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“Fundamentally, I would call [Catalist] a scheme to avoid campaign finance law.”

His complaint says that Catalist is pretending it’s a corporation but acting like a PAC. (Political Action Committee)  That would be illegal and could result in criminal charges as well as FEC penalties and sanctions.  By making the “company” a corporation, they can hide investors names and dollar amounts.  Catalist is owned and operated as a non-profit trust with all profits, if any, going right back into the corporation.  One look at their client list and you will understand why the complaint has been made:


Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“Using Catalist, we were able to build a national model of pro-choice women voters, then reach a million of those women in targeted states to help elect Barack Obama, make substantial gains in Congress and state legislatures, and defeat three anti-choice ballot initiatives.”

“Access to Catalist data made a huge difference in our Defeat 26 campaign in Mississippi.”

– Cecile Richards, President


United Food and Commercial Workers

“In 2012, UFCW broke new ground in reaching its members in key states by partnering with Catalist and DSPolitical to create a customized, highly impactful online and mobile advertising campaign.”

– Nikki Budzinski, Political Director



“The Catalist dynamic modeling system allowed the DCCC to rapidly build customized support models for each of our targeted districts.”

– Aaron Strauss, Director of Targeting and Data


League of Conservation Voters

“Catalist’s offering of 50 state voter files with a consistent level of quality was a tremendous benefit to LCV.  With our more than 30 state affiliates, having access to files for all our states in a centralized place with dedicated support was and continues to be a huge plus for our organization. Catalist’s ability to train staff in our state LCVs who were not used to working with data was especially helpful, and having a contact at Catalist who had an overarching understanding of LCV’s goals added tremendous value.”

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– Gene Karpinski, President


Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee

New Jersey Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee

“We signed on with Catalist for our critical 2009 election season knowing full well what a difficult year we faced in New Jersey. The Governor’s race presented serious challenges to maintaining our majority and we had to find ways to do things differently in order to help our targeted candidates survive.

Catalist stepped up as our secret weapon. Since a large portion of New Jersey voters do not register by Party, their National Partisanship Model gave us the means to slice and dice that voter universe. And, they issued a 2009 Turnout Model particularly tweaked for New Jersey, which gave us the ability to select likely Democrats who were also likely to vote.

The statewide ticket went down to defeat as predicted in 2009. The Assembly maintained a healthy 47-33 majority losing one open seat and re-electing every single incumbent. We were enormously glad that we had the Catalist data, models and tools in our arsenal. They made the difference for us when the stakes were the highest.”

– Michael Muller, Executive Director


The Partnership Project

The Partnership Project

“The Partnership Project has found Catalist to be an extremely effective tool in targeting and involving both our membership and the public. The Catalist Q Tool has increased our ability to mobilize the public on issues that affect conservation and energy policy. Although our combined membership list is over 4 million names, the ability to enhance that list with voter file names in all 50 states increases our ability to win on the environmental and conservation issues that are important to our membership base.”

– Michael Town, Executive Director


Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research

“Catalist has, and continues to be a very valuable asset for my company. The Qtool software makes sampling efficient and accurate, and the Catalist staff is dedicated, attentive and smart. I would highly recommend Catalist to colleagues, other political pollsters or any other organization looking for quality voter files.”

– Adam Slater, Director of Domestic Research


Voter Participation Center

Women’s Voices. Women Vote

“Catalist has been instrumental in making sure that over 1 million unmarried women are registered to vote and many more millions participate in our democratic process – be it voting or advocating for public policy changes. Our close partnership with Catalist, whether it is sharing our models and the results of our programs or taking advantage of their data, makes the work of WVWV successful. Why did we wait so long to create it?”

– Page Gardner, President


And if Catalist were really a corporation, along with the fact that they sell the voter’s lists to only democrats and liberal organizations, the difference between the price versus the discount price would have to be recorded as a in-kind donation, usually associated with PACs.

The FEC is run like the IRS, so you can forget any meaningful punishment if any at all.

Courtesy of Red Statements.