“American individualism is dead” says founder of organization backed by UN

Top Feminist Calls For 'Collectivist Revolution'

Top feminist and writer of The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler recently gave a speech at an event in New York City in which she brazenly revealed the true agenda behind third wave feminism – a “collectivist revolution” driven by the notion that, “American individualism is dead”.

Ensler is the founder of One Billion Rising, a United Nations-backed organization that seeks to “end rape and sexual violence against women”.

During an event on February 7 called the One Billion Rising Revolution, Ensler outlined how she was spearheading a socialist revolution aimed at dismantling capitalism and replacing individualism with collectivism.

“For me the revolution is the evolution of the new system. It’s refusing to accept this story as the given. I read the other day that the Koch brothers — who I believe could be the single two people who might unite all our issues as they are against unions, minimum wage, women, black folks, the earth — have designed their whole program to destroy collectivism. They are investing millions and millions and dollars in candidates, colleges, elections, cultural centers, think tanks to openly and without shame to destroy the WE.”

“So my revolution is to stand firmly in the WE, to say what happens to you matters as much as what happens to me, to say your struggle is my struggle, to say tonight American individualism is dead and global solidarity is alive and on the rise.”

Ensler’s vow to kill American individualism once again reveals the true motive behind radical feminism, an authoritarian attack on true freedom and an evisceration of the moral worth of the individual and true classical liberalism, which is diametrically opposed to the tenets of collectivism.

According to Kristinn Taylor, in calling for a collectivist revolution, Ensler revealed the true nature of what she and other top feminists are pushing for, a “communist cult recruitment campaign” which is using the One Billion Rising organization as a front group.

In addition, Ensler’s refusal to draw attention to how Islam treats women as second class citizens (she also decried “Islamophobia” during her speech), is at complete odds with her organization’s mission of ending rape and sexual violence against women.

As we have exhaustively documented, Europe is currently plagued by a Muslim rape epidemic that feminists refuse to even address over fears of being labeled politically incorrect.

From the United Kingdom, to Sweden, to Denmark, to Norway, rape convictions are skyrocketing with the culprits predominantly comprising of Muslim immigrants. The media and governments in these countries have overseen a cover-up of the scandal in order to protect ‘multicultural’ sensitivities.

Feminists’ refusal to acknowledge this huge scandal illustrates how the movement has nothing to do with protecting women against rape and abuse and everything to do with social engineering and the advancement of fringe leftist political dogmas.

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