"Roxxxy" was unveiled at an adult toys convention in 2010. At the time this robot sold for $7000.


Check out the comments in this YouTube video “The Most Realistic Artifical Women Ever” (sic) regarding Japan’s latest claim that they have now created the most realistic fake woman ever.

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Between being heralded as the next best thing since sliced bread that will save the world from everything from STDs to unwanted children to war to fundamentally changing all of society as we know it, the male/female arguments over the coming silicone fembot sex revolution shows why humanity is, for lack of a better term and pardon the pun, screwed.

First you have the average male point of view seen repeatedly in the top comments. It looks something like this:




On the other side, you have the typical female response in the top comments that looks like this:





You have the typical bickering back and forth:



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Then you have the rather interesting to say the least comments…

comment9  comment11


Now let’s step out of the infighting and come back to reality for a minute where the bigger picture is waiting for us to wake up to it.

Did you know that the birth rate in Japan is actually so low these days that the Japanese government is literally paying couples to have children? It’s being called everything from a “population crisis” to a “demographic death spiral,” and no, it’s not because of Fukushima.

After peaking seven years ago, at 128 million, Japan’s population has been falling — and is on a path to decline by about a million people a year. By 2060, the government estimates, there will be just 87 million people in Japan; nearly half of them will be over 65. Without a dramatic change in either the birthrate or its restrictive immigration policies, Japan simply won’t have enough workers to support its retirees, and will enter a demographic death spiral. Yet the babies aren’t coming. (source)

It’s because the people have been, like practically everywhere in the first world, socially engineered not to reproduce.

In Japan, people are simply not having sex with each other. It’s being referred to as “celibacy syndrome.” Other nations are not reproducing at a rate high enough to maintain their populations either, places like Germany, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, Singapore… the list goes on and on. Even America has fallen below replacement rate.

If the economic collapse hasn’t happened before then, it definitely will when the demographic death spiral hits nation after nation after nation.

So while you have all these billionaire elite psychopaths screaming about overpopulation killing the planet, that’s clearly a myth when you look at the actual data. Sure, we’ll top off at about 10 billion, maybe even 12 (oh the horror!), but after that, humanity’s population is set for a free fall, and fast.

This is the key to neo-eugenics. Rockefeller and his eugenicist friends have been socially engineering the masses this way for decades now because outright eugenics was pretty unpopular after the Nazi days of World War II. Again, if you look at the data across the globe, their plan has overwhelmingly worked; everything from pushing massive birth control and abortion propaganda from our grade school years on to fostering the entire feminist movement, you name it.

In fact, if you go back and read some of the Rockefeller Foundation’s own yearly reports, especially in the 1970s when the so-called “population bomb” talk was a trendy scare tactic talking point, they even openly admit population control was their most important goal in their own documents.

Fast forward to the 21st century where we’ve been taught to love our servitude, just like Aldous Huxley predicted in Brave New World (a eugenicist’s wet dream where babies are hatched out of test tubes and reproduction is no longer a right). Now it’s getting just the high-tech overlay transhumanist Ray Kurzweil predicted years ago. Most people are too busy with their heads permanently stuck in their smart phones and tablets to realize what’s actually going on around them and they’ve been taught to believe a real relationship with a real person is just too much effort.

People are asleep to the bigger agenda at work here. We’ve been trained to be consumers and part of that has been indoctrination toward a constant dissatisfaction with everything in our lives — all as part and parcel of the scientific materialist society we live in. We always need bigger, better, more more MORE! And that includes never being satisfied with each other.

It’s not about whether or not a woman bitches too much or requires too many fancy dinner dates or if a man leaves the seat up or has too much back hair. We’ve been trained to never be satisfied with each other as human beings. We’ve been trained we will never be good enough and no one else is either.

There is power in numbers. If you think we’re easily controlled in the New World Order police state we all find ourselves in now, just wait until the population starts to drop drastically due to super low birth rates…

This is a eugenics agenda. This is about humanity itself. And most of us are too busy arguing over how awesome it’s going to be to continue killing ourselves.

Now the elite running things are just going to sit back, disconnect us from our own humanity and any higher consciousness and real emotions like “love” and… watch us screw plastic toys instead of having intimate relationships with each other, basically.

We’re just like the Porno for Pyros song to these psychopaths. We make great pets.

My friend says we’re like the dinosaurs
Only we are doing ourselves in
Much faster than they ever did

We’ll make great pets

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!