The leaders of the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly are calling a Extraordinary Legislative Session to debate and pass a bill making the state the 25th state in the union to have a Right to Work bill.  The legislature decided that was the best way to go because it doesn’t require the governor to be there.  Leaders of both chambers say they have the votes to pass the bill and Scott Walker will sign it into law.  Undoubtedly, he will face pressure from the unions to veto the bill, but one thing we know about Scott Walker is that the unions do not scare him.

Almost since his first day as governor, unions have gone to extraordinary lengths to defeat him and every time they try, he kicks them where the sun doesn’t shine.  Local union, state unions and national unions spent untold millions of dollars during a recall election.  He not only won, but he garnered more support than he did the first time he ran.  In 2014, he became the center of the target again and again he won easily.  People have a tendency to like someone who not only says the right things but they love the person who does the right thing no matter how much vitriol or demonstrations are aimed at him.  Reagan was that kind of man and so is Scott Walker.

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Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced the bill to the press:

“It’s a fairly simple bill.  We have an agreement between the Senate and Assembly of what it should look like.”

He said the bill will not affect current contracts and unlike the public unions, companies are not going to rush out and give the unions sweetheart contracts, but then again that’s because it’s their money they would be spending.  Wisconsin has been siphoning jobs off from Illinois but with a new right to work law, that number could rise significantly. Caterpillar would be a nice feather in Wisconsin’s cap.

It won’t hurt Scott Walker as he runs for president, either.

Courtesy of Red Statements.