Barack Obama refuses to meet with the ruler of Qatar, a nation known for sharing Obama’s hatred for Jews and willingness to supply terrorists with weapons.  You really can’t blame Obama for not meeting with Netanyahu because they have nothing in common.  Netanyahu was a special forces warrior and Obama is a cojone-less liberal.  Netanyahu leads a democratic nation while Obama has appointed himself dictator for life.  Netanyahu will look you square in the eye and tell you the truth, Obama stares you in the eye and then lies his butt off.  Netanyahu wants to see Israel survive, Obama won’t destroy the country of Israel, but he will gladly hold the coats for those that do.

Obama has announced he will meet with  Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to discuss their ongoing partnership.  Al Thani and Obama both have something in common.  Both have supplied Hamas with weapons.  Both supported the Muslim Brotherhood with cash, weapons and shows of support.  Both hate the US military.  Both support Hamas terror attacks against Israel and supply Hamas with big bucks.  Obama in his trade for Bergdahl sent 5 extremely dangerous terrorists to Qatar in exchange for a deserter who is a hero of both the terrorists and Obama.  That supervision of the 5 terrorists ends in June.   One of them has already been in touch with the Taliban.

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Qatar allows Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to use their country as a base to operate out of and Hamas accepted it, apologizing to Obama for not using Washington DC like the Muslim Brotherhood, but explained it was just too far to attack Israel from.  Obama disagreed, pointing out that he does that on a daily basis.

Courtesy of Red Statements.