Boston bombing

And what is the purpose of these remarks, if not to intimidate people into thinking that it is wrong to resist massive and unrestricted Muslim immigration and jihad terror itself?

Just read the Muslim quotes in the article — if they are so well assimilated, why all the non-stop grievance-mongering, complaining, lawsuits, and demands for accommodation etc.? Not mention Islamic Jew-hatred and support for a war on Israel.

The only difference between America and Europe is the number of Muslims. The bigger the Muslim population, the more restive, hostile and violent it will be — more on Muslim immigration here.

Obama’s self-congratulation is nothing more than a tissue-thin and pathetic excuse for his submission and surrender to Islamic supremacism.

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President Barack Obama has argued the U.S. has one thing going for it that Europe doesn’t: a tradition of warmly embracing its immigrants, including Muslims. Muslims living across the U.S. respond to his comments:

The Muslim “leaders” who comment show that they are no different from their violent European (Middle Eastern, African, Asian, etc.) counterparts.

american muslim

“US Muslims speak about their place in America,” 02/19/2015 2:21 PM
By The Associated Press

President Barack Obama has argued the U.S. has one thing going for it that Europe doesn’t: a tradition of warmly embracing its immigrants, including Muslims. Muslims living across the U.S. respond to his comments:

“Muslims have been here maybe since the inception of this country. The Muslim-American history is rooted even in the forefathers. President Jefferson had a copy of the Holy Quran.” — Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who believes “American Muslims here feel maybe more integrated” than in Europe.

More Muslim myth-making. They were not here at its founding. President Thomas Jefferson went to war against the Muslim states in Africa that were demanding jizya. He had a quran to study the war doctrine of the enemy.

Lest we forget, the first and second foreign wars that American engaged in were Muslim wars. So when Islamic supremacists and the enemy in the White House tell you that Muslims have always been a part of the American experience, they are not entirely wrong. 197 years ago in American history: war declared against Algiers, year 1815. Commodore Stephen Decatur was sent in command of a squadron of ten warships to attack the Algerian naval force in the Mediterranean.


“American Muslims have been fortunate to live well in the U.S. based on our constitutional freedoms. In European countries, Muslims are made to feel as the other or the outsider. … Still, American Muslims have not been spared from prejudice and discrimination in the last 15 years.” — Teacher Debbie Almontaser, founding principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy, an Arab-themed public school in New York.


“Yes, America has issues of racism and bigotry. … I’m not saying that doesn’t exist but there’s a different level of fear and hate and unknown” in Europe. — Marium Mohiuddin, freelance communications consultant, Los Angeles.

Muslims are slaughtering cartoonists, journalists, Jews, and attacking magazine offices, synagogues, kosher delis, Jewish schools, and this Islamic supremacist dares to suggest it is Europeans who have a “different level of fear and hate”? That’s supremacism on steroids.


“I personally believe American Muslims have integrated just fine throughout U.S. history, but there will be ongoing challenges in addressing issues of what happens when young people are attacked personally because of the way they dress or what they believe. … Our communities have been attacked, and they continue to be attacked.” — Shams Ghoneim, vice president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, in Iowa City.


“For being a Muslim American growing up in America, I really don’t feel a part of it. … I feel like we don’t get a chance to come out into the public.” — Student Jamila Nasser, Dearborn, Michigan.

Same propaganda we hear from Muslims everywhere. America is no different.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.