United Nations in GenevaThe UN wants substantial regulatory control over what can be broadcast on your TV. Relax, they are doing it for the kids, right?  The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to seek the oversight on what commercials for food aimed at kids can be aired.
And after that they could cancel all cooking shows and Paula Deen would be taken off the air.  Oh, wait.  The liberals already got to her.  Rachael Ray then.  And TV shows would have to keep away from food.

What about the replacement commercials?  An attractive couple on the beach and the woman seductively feeds him arugula.  What a gruesome mental image that was.  Or the father that takes his son out after he was the hero in his teams baseball games.  His father walks him in the door where his father orders him up a delicious seaweed and  marmite sandwich on 37 grain whole wheat bread with a side of kimchee and a large wheatgrass.  Yum.

The UN claims that bureaucrats should be monitoring the commercials to make sure that no unhealthy foods targeting kids are broadcast anywhere in the United States. The UN would then have substantial say in how to deal with enforcement of the rules.   The constitution is a living breathing document after all.  Modern times are different than they were almost 250 years ago.  People no longer need the freedom of speech…or guns….or privacy….or anything else that would aid in the indoctrination.

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Imagine you go home and you say to your wife, “Honey, I know that our marriage license said that I should cling to you only, but after all, it’s a living breathing document and she was looking so fine……”  That poor son of a b#^*h never saw that frying pan coming.

So how do you think Barack Obama will react to regulating TV commercials?  Think net neutrality.

Courtesy of Red Statements.

Additional Source: The Daily Caller