Not too much is ever mentioned about just who Frank Marshal Davis was or what he did in relation to being a mentor to now President Obama. Had some of what this man was linked to been shown, Obama would have been chewed up by the press—sorry, they knew about this, but they wanted to have the first black President at all costs. Even now, most of the lame stream Media do not wish to dive into Obama’s first Communist Mentor—yes, he was mentored by the Card Carrying Communist, Frank Marshal Davis. Now many will ask just who this Communist is that taught and mentored Obama. We are going to do this article now as it should have been done back in 2006 when he ran for Senator, assisted by the likes of fellow Communists, Alice Palmer, Valerie Jarrett, and of course, David Axelrod.

Now let us show you some of Obama’s Mentor’s background to allow all to see what Frank Marshal Davis was and how he influenced Obama. First, we go to an article by Paul Kengor from the October 2012. We are going to show people what and who this Communist was to Obama and how it led to Obama studying Marxism while at Occidental College in California.

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Frank Marshall Davis was a literal, card-carrying member of Communist Party USA (CPUSA). His card number was 47544. He was pro-Soviet, pro-Red China. He edited and wrote for Party-line publications such as the Chicago Star and the Honolulu Record; contributors to the former actually served as secret agents to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Davis did outrageous Soviet propaganda work in his columns, at every juncture agitating and opposing U.S. attempts to slow Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. He favored Yalta and Red Army takeovers of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Central and Eastern Europe. He urged America to dump the fascist Chiang Kaishek in support of Mao’s Red forces.

We use the italics to show what the article shows, and from this, we learn that Obama’s Mentor was very heavily into the Communist ideology and he never changed from that even during his time “Mentoring” Obama. Can you just imagine what the Lame Stream Media would have done had any Republican been Mentored by a card carrying Communist? This brings to question as to what the Lame Stream Media is—are they also part of this Communist loving group? One has to question this, since it was Obama who mentioned Frank Marshal Davis as his Mentor. But this Communist mentor of Obama’s was not just helping teach Obama, but was also very good friends with the parents, also Communists, of Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, David Canter, and Don Rose, all of the Communist party and hating the United States.

Davis was also intimately familiar with the Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers. A surviving April 12, a member and among the small group of journalistically inclined individuals who comprised the group’s publicity committee. Joining him in both capacities was Vernon Jarrett.

Jarrett would become a major name in Chicago and known nationally. He wrote syndicated columns for the Chicago Tribune before joining the Chicago Sun-Times, on whose editorial board he later served. When Jarrett died in May 2004, he was hailed in a Washington Post obit titled Vernon Jarrett, 84; Journalist, Crusader.

The Post’s tribute neglected to note that in his youth Jarrett was elected to the Illinois Council of American Youth for Democracy, the CPUSA youth wing, at the group’s 1946 national convention. He also wrote for the left-wing Chicago Defender. In any or all of those capacities, Jarrett would have met Frank Marshall Davis.

In April 1948, Jarrett and Davis put their minds together for the Packing-House Committee and their pens to joint service defending Chicago’s oppressed proletariat. “The duty of this Committee,” declared their statement, “is to give publicity to the plight of the workers.”

Today, their political heirs put their minds to joint service at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In 1983, Jarrett’s son, Dr. William Robert Jarrett, married a young woman named Valerie Bowman. Valerie Bowman became Valerie Jarrett, who today is Barack Obama’s top adviser. (See my profile of her, “Letting Obama Be Obama,” TAS, July/August 2011.)

Now with this, it even goes to the very core of what Frank Marshal Davis was and how his ideology can be found in Obama’s actions of today.

Frank Marshal Davis wanted Communist takeovers in Korea and Vietnam. He was adamantly, angrily anti-NATO, anti-Marshall Plan, anti-Truman Doctrine. He argued that the U.S. under President Harry Truman—whom he portrayed as a fascist, racist, and imperialist—and under secretaries of state George Marshall and Dean Acheson, was handing West Germany back to the Nazis, while Stalin was pursuing democracy in East Germany and throughout the Communist Bloc. He portrayed America’s leaders as “aching for an excuse to launch a nuclear nightmare of mass murder and extermination” against the Soviets and the Chinese as eager to end all civilization.

In short, Frank Marshall Davis’ writings were outrageous. A Jeremiah Wright sermon or Bill Ayers lecture is tame by comparison.

Here we see that some of what Frank Marshal Davis stated seems to show up in what Obama says—in a different form, though. Think of Obama stating that our nation is not exceptional: doesn’t that sound like what Frank Marshal Davis stated here? Obama had a Communist as a mentor, and had Communists around him—people like Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, and Alice Palmer, just to mention a few. But the real showing of what Frank Marshal Davis influenced Obama with shows clearly when Frank Marshal Davis spoke of what was going to happen to Christians.

Davis insisted that “The evidence of logic and history should align the deeply religious with believers in socialism and communism.” He proclaimed that a genuine Christian should be a genuine Communist. And given that most Christians in America were anti- Communist and anti-Soviet, he questioned whether America was thus really a Christian nation. True Christians, Davis declared, “should be working together as one” with Stalin and the Communists.

Now, if we look at this part of the article, we should see something that Obama has stated more than once. Do you remember when Obama said, “We are not a Christian nation”? Could that idea have been sprouted from his Mentor, Frank Marshal Davis? Just look at what Davis stated above, in particular this part, “he questioned whether America was thus really a Christian nation.”

That alone sticks out like a sore thumb, especially since it was stated by Obama’s Communist Mentor, Frank Marshal Davis.

Frank Marshal Davis warned not of a Soviet menace but “Anglo-American imperialist domination.” Davis portrayed the Marshall Plan as a form of racism, slavery, and colonial imperialism—again, the Kremlin line—and as part of this Anglo-American conspiracy.

Remember that Obama has stated ideas that the United States was an imperialistic nation, which seems to gel with Marshal’s ideas, too. Obama’s Communist Mentor seems to be popping out from Obama’s mouth in the same ideology of his Communist Mentor. In his article, Mr. Kengor goes on about the Communist Mentor of Obama, Frank Marshal Davis.

When Davis Met Obama


ALAS, IT WAS IN HAWAII that Frank Marshall Davis eventually influenced Barack Obama, beginning in 1970 and continuing throughout Obama’s adolescence. It was Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who introduced the pair, seeking in Davis the father figure and role model that Obama lacked at home.

That initial introduction was witnessed by a woman named Dawna Weatherly-Williams, a friend and nextdoor neighbor to Davis, so close that she called him “Daddy.” It had been eagerly anticipated by all sides, suggesting the potential that Davis rightly saw in Barack. “Frank was also a great listener, which may be why Barack liked him, too,” Weatherly-Williams told Obama biographer David Remnick. “I am sure he influenced Barack more than Barack is saying. About social justice, about finding out more about life, about what’s important, about how to use your heart and your mind.”

Davis already knew Stanley Dunham. “He knew Stan real well,” Weatherly-Williams told Toby Harnden of the London Telegraph. “They’d play Scrabble and drink and crack jokes and argue. Frank always won and he was always very braggadocio about it too. It was all jocular. They didn’t get polluted drunk. And Frank never really did drugs, though he and Stan would smoke pot together.”

Weatherly-Williams informed the Telegraph that Davis was introduced to Obama in 1970, and Harnden wrote that the young Obama spent the previous three years in Indonesia with his mother and her second husband, Lolo Soetoro. If this timeline is accurate, which it appears to be, then Obama knew Frank Marshall Davis not merely for a few years but a full decade—i.e., throughout the entirety of his adolescence.

With all this information just ripe for the picking, one has to wonder why is it that the Lame Stream Media has failed to properly investigate Obama’s background deep enough to find this very close link to Obama’s Communist influence and why is it that they seem to ridicule anyone who does look deep into Obama’s background. Has anyone ever wondered just where Obama came up with the idea of his banner before his election, you know, “Change You Can Believe In”? Well, wonder no more, that very deep influence of Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshal Davis, was important in that too.

Another source very familiar with these relationships is Kathryn Takara, a University of Hawaii professor and Davis biographer. She knew Davis for 15 years and was so close that she talked to him the day he died. She said that Davis “nurtured a sense of possibility” in Obama, which is evident “in the way that Barack Obama carries himself, walks, and talks.” Takara states that Frank handed on to Obama “a sense of believing that change can happen.”

Given that “change” became the one-word mantra of the entire Obama political movement, this is no small statement. The very title of the Obama team’s 2008 campaign book was Change We Can Believe In—words that precisely echo Takara’s description of Davis’s influence on Obama.

Yes, this very deep influence from his Mentor is why Obama, today, does not see the United States as the rest of the nation does.

In Dreams from My Father, Obama himself notes that Davis offered him advice at several life-changing levels: on race, on college, on women, on his mind, on his attitudes, on life. “I was intrigued by old Frank,” writes Obama, “with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes.”

In one telling passage, Obama seeks Davis’s parting advice before he leaves Hawaii for college. Davis growls: “They’ll train you so good, you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that s–t. I found these words—first published by Obama in 1995—”hauntingly similar to Davis’s words in Communist Party publications from 50 years earlier.” To cite just one example, in a column for the Chicago Star, November 9, 1946, Davis growled: “I’m tired of being beaned with those double meaning words like ‘sacred institutions’ and ‘the American way of life.'” Davis didn’t exactly view America as a shining city upon a hill.

Though Frank Marshall Davis’s influence is acknowledged in Dreams, Obama wisely never once discloses his full name, surely knowing the political risk of admitting such a radical mentor, albeit knowing Davis had been too important to leave out. In Dreams, Obama refers to Davis merely as “Frank.” Even then, Obama directly mentions “Frank” 22 times (and far more via pronouns and other forms of reference) over the course of thousands of words and through every section. Frank is a recurring part of Obama’s life and mind, by Obama’s own extended recounting, from Hawaii—the site of visits and late evenings together—to Los Angeles to Chicago to Germany to Africa, from adolescence to college to community organizing. He is always one of the few (and first) names mentioned by Obama at each mile-marker on his historic path from Hawaii to Washington. When Davis is not physically there, Obama literally imagines him—pictures him there, visualizes him.

Now if Mr. Paul Kengor can find and display all this in his article, why is it that the Lame Stream Media cannot and will not show this pure Communist connection to Obama? In an earlier article we showed that Obama had a liking to the Marxist ideology that he could create a “Communist Style Revolution.”

So with people who wish to expose the truth, it seems that the information can be found, and yet the Lame Stream Media is still hog tied to Obama’s leg like a little puppy afraid to do anything to hurt their master. It is now coming down to the people and Veterans of the United States to ensure our nation is not attacked from within because Obama is too scared and cowardly to call them by their rightful name, Radical Islamic Extremist. So WE THE PEOPLE should make sure that the next time anyone running for President should undergo a clear and open background check, we make sure we are not electing a Communist-influenced individual again, especially if we wish to remain FREE! Read Mr. Kengor’s entire article to see just how much Communist influence Obama got and how it relates to his ideology now.

By the way, Hillary Clinton has nearly the same weird background dealing with Communist Style influence from none other than the United States hater, one Saul Alinsky—we demonstrated that too.

Leon Puissegur is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for 43 years. He is an award winning author and has been writing opinion pieces over the years and in just the last few years has written 4 books and a large amount of articles on many sites. You can purchase his books at Amazon. Pick up his latest The Oil Man.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.

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