The old adage that says “Crime Doesn’t Pay” is no longer operable.  Illegal aliens who have invaded the country will be the beneficiaries of your tax dollars once their work permits and Social Security cards are approved.  The IRS in their infinite wisdom (My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek)  has decided that illegal aliens will be able to collect a fortune from US taxpayers even though they haven’t paid a penny in taxes themselves.  A family of three would be eligible for just over $35,000.

It’s bad enough that these criminals are allowed to stay here against duly passed and signed laws of the land because some American hating SOB in the White House decides to scrap the constitution and US law.

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The IRS has determined that these illegal aliens can take advantage of both the Child Tax Credit (CTC)  (1,000 per child) and the EITC. (Earned Income Tax Credit)  A family with three children earning $22,000 per year would be eligible for the maximum amount of $35,521.  Nice non work if you can find it.  I wonder if I went to the immigration office, if they would let me apply for illegal status.  Free money, free education, free housing, free abortions, free medical, free electricity, free food, free education.  And now free tax refunds.

Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Ben Sasse (R-NE) wrote to Barry and objected to what they called amnesty bonuses:

“This is basic economics: if you want more of something, you subsidize it. By subsidizing illegal entry with four years’ worth of new tax credits, the IRS would promote lawlessness,” Sasse said in a statement at the time. “This program severely undermines the White House’s lip-service to enforcing the law and would increase the burden on law-abiding taxpayers.”

Courtesy of Red Statements.