Panic buying causes shortages after release of ATF proposal to ban bullets 

Report: Walmart Begins to Sell Out of AR-15 Ammo
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As gun shops report shortages of AR-15 ammunition following the ATF’s proposal to prohibit the sale of steel-tipped 5.56-millimeter bullets, one reader contacted us to report that his local Walmart had sold out of the ammo despite having substantial stocks just two weeks ago.

Yesterday it was revealed that the ATF intends to ban sales of the ammunition, typically used by sports shooters, in the name of protecting law enforcement officers from “the threat posed by ammunition capable of penetrating a protective vest.”

Gun stores immediately reported that people were panic buying cases of the bullets, with Ryan Cook, manager of Eagle Armory in Springfield, noting that suppliers were telling him “there was none available to order”.

It appears as though some Walmart stores are also beginning to sell out of the same ammunition.

Alex Jones Show listener Monte Bosak contacted us to relate how his local Walmart in Anchorage, AK went from having “way too much” of the ammo in question two weeks ago, according to the store clerk, to completely selling out after yesterday’s announcement.

“Two weeks ago, I purchased a thousand rounds of XM855 62 grain green tip ammo at this exact Walmart location for $350,” writes Bosak. “While purchasing, I spoke to the lady who works the gun counter and asked her if she had been selling a lot of it. $350/1k rounds is extremely cheap. She said no they hadn’t been selling much of it, and that they had many pallets in the back… “way too much” as she put it.”

“So that leads us to today (2/26/15) when the Drudge Report broke the story of the impending executive order to ban this specific ammunition. Naturally, I went straight to this Walmart after work to purchase what I could, only to find out that they had “sold out”. I spoke to the same lady behind the counter, and I spoke to a manager. Neither of which could look me square in the eye while telling me they sold out,” adds Bosak, who suspects that Walmart may even have deliberately “pulled their stock of the ammunition.”

“There’s no way possible in my mind that they sold all that ammunition,” writes Bosak.

Walmart has previously faced accusations that it has restricted ammunition sales in accordance with the Obama administration’s gun control agenda, but has denied them every time.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre, reports circulated that the retail giant had stopped ordering ammunition and would not be making more sales in anticipation of expected curbs on the second amendment. Other customers reported that they were told Walmart would not stock ammunition for assault rifles, only for shotguns.

Following a surge of demand, in January 2013 Walmart restricted sales of ammunition to three boxes per customer, per day.

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Are you having problems buying AR-15 ammunition from Walmart and other local gun stores? Let us know in the comments below.

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