Nine Mexican illegals sued the US government because they said the voluntary return documents they signed should be tossed out and they should be allowed to continue their careers as Hispanic leaches.  The judge never had to make a decision in the case because Obama and the ACLU made a deal that will allow all 8.8 million deported illegals to return with Social Security cards and work permits.

The courtroom negotiations between Obama and the ACLU was under the supervision of a judge Obama himself appointed.  The ACLU said that Mexicans who signed voluntary return forms were illegally pressured into signing them.  Were they threatened with jail for illegally coming to this country?  Should we exonerate rapists who were forced to sign confessions?  And would the ones who didn’t sign be given $35,500 just like the criminals from south of the border?  If not, rapists may have a civil rights suit.  Call the ACLU.

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The deal says that deported illegals have six months to apply for return to this country and they will resume the status they had before.  Actually, that is a lie too.  As illegal aliens, they would now be eligible for Social Security and welfare and become practically immune from prosecution from any crime they commit, also thanks to Obama.

This is a coordinated effort engineered by the Chamber of Commerce, hungry for cheap labor, Progressives, looking for millions of votes from the illegals, unions that find illegals are easier to get into unions than Americans and Barack Obama and others who share his extreme hatred for the United States.

The case really has no merit since the process offered illegals two options.  They could fight their deportation in court and if deported would be at risk for years in prison if they returned or voluntary deportation that would not have the same penalty if caught, which meant they could accept deportation and return immediately and unless caught could go on as they did before.

Spineless, cojone challenged republicans have mounted no challenge to Obama’s illegal Obamnesty plan.  That makes a total of 20 million illegals that can compete with the 24 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed.

Thank you, Obama

Courtesy of Red Statements.