Once again, Barack Obama is operating in secret as he negotiates the worst agreement since the deal that Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter cut with North Korea to assure that North Korea not produce a nuclear bomb.  Many of you may remember that deal.  We agreed to give North Korea two nuclear reactors, fuel and 250 million in cash and, in return, North Korea promised not to produce a nuclear bomb.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

The aide says that Bibi will inform congress of some of the concessions Obama has offered to Iran in order to get a deal signed.  One of those concessions is that the agreement actually allows Iran to build bombs in as early as eight years.  I was actually aware of that provision and wrote a story on it that no one read, probably believing it to be a conspiracy theory.  (For the record, I refuse to post any story without reliable information from a trusted source)  Here is that story.

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The aide did not elaborate on other concessions, prefering to leave that to Netanyahu in his speech to congress.  Meanwhile a couple of dozen democrats will boycott the speech. The only consequence of that is the collective average IQ will jump considerably from normal.  Their presence would be of no consequence anyway since most of them are very anti-Israel and pro-terrorist.

The White House has said those claims are false.  Given their track record on the truth and their willingness to lie, that denial carries no weight.  No doubt, Obama will try to implement the treaty without the Senate and Mitch McConnell will fold like a 2 dollar t-shirt.

Tomorrow’s speech could be an eventful one.

Courtesy of Red Statements.